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Talking about the coexistence of tradition and digital

driven by information technology, digital technology, network technology and other high-tech, the printing and publishing industry has gradually entered the digital era. Digital printing has become a popular technology in the printing industry, and poses a great threat and challenge to traditional printing. Under the urging of this threat and challenge, traditional thinking and digital mode continue to collide, and unexpected highlights burst out

natural selection, the survival of the fittest, traditional publishing is still vibrant. Although the sales of e-books in Amazon Bookstore have far exceeded that of traditional paper books, e-books look cheap but also cost money, such as some paid books; But the seemingly expensive paper books also have their ways to generate income again. For example, at present, most people are still used to reading paper books, and the reading sense of paper books is irreplaceable

when readers buy a paper book, it will be completely owned by readers, and e-books are just the carrier of countless electronic books. Once electronic books are deleted and replaced, readers cannot read smoothly again; At the same time, a paper book can be sold in the second-hand market, exchanged with other good readers or donated to the library collection. While pulling the black knob to get what you need, you can make friends with like-minded people, and will e-books also have the theory of second-hand exchange donation? I'm afraid it's very difficult

it is undeniable that e-books make people's lives much easier. They do not need trees to make paper, can be carried around, take up small space, have the function of checking whether to buy an additional plastic bag after shopping, and can be printed out anytime and anywhere. However, if your computer is poisoned or your hard disk is damaged, and the data is lost, the e-books will also disappear; When reading e-books, you should always face the display screen. It is easy to hurt your eyes after a long time; Although e-books can be bookmarked, they cannot be marked everywhere like paper books

e-books are part of the digital wave, and the digital process is a supplement to the traditional printing method. In other words, digitalization is to turn a large number of traditional unprintable books into a large industrial collection of books that can be printed. The most typical is the current bookstore, such as Amazon's rapid integration at home and abroad. In the past, you said you wanted to publish books, and there were not tens of thousands of books that could not be published; Now one can also be sold on

however, on the one hand, they will complain that increasing the content of books or the types of books will increase a lot. But on the other hand, it will be said that because E-books divert readers, printing volume will be reduced, while digitalization will increase printing volume. Slowly, this market will become a symbiosis between the traditional printing method of e-books and digital printing

the so-called "things have their own advantages", which hurts nature. E-books just divert readers. Some books still need to be printed, while others can be disseminated in electronic form. In the future, traditional books and e-books will coexist

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