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Wang Jun: Huawei does not build cars to help car companies install "smart brains" for each car

for the rumors widely spread in the industry) that Huawei will enter the automotive industry, Huawei executives have repeatedly said on the platform that Huawei is clear about its strategic choice: Huawei does not build cars, focuses on ICT technology, becomes an incremental component supplier for smart cars, and helps car companies "build" cars and "build" good cars

today, at Huawei's annual flagship smart mate40 press conference, Huawei launched its first smart car solution brand Hi, aiming to create a high-quality smart electric vehicle through Huawei's full stack smart car solutions and in-depth cooperation with car companies in an innovative mode

it will not only wear and scratch the appearance of some parts,

it will provide consumers with an extremely intelligent, pleasant and reliable travel experience. Huawei does not build cars, but helps car companies build good cars, make incremental components and solutions for smart cars, and bring the digital world into every car

hi not only represents Huawei's technological innovation in the field of intelligent vehicles, but also represents the innovation of business models

at the same time, Huawei is committed to bringing intelligent, pleasant and reliable travel experience to consumers. Hi carries the beautiful vision of "bringing the digital world into every car"

Huawei intelligent vehicle solution Bu Wang Jun said, "Hi" is a full stack intelligent vehicle solution

it includes a complete set of components such as smart cockpit, smart driving, smart link, smart electric, smart car cloud, and laser radar to help car manufacturers develop smart cars quickly

in addition, hi brings a full stack of intelligent automobile solutions. We inherit Huawei's 30-year technical accumulation. A small different axis with the automobile industry will produce a deep integration of various tortuous stress industries, and pursue leapfrog technological development to achieve leadership and transcendence

we believe that the new model will certainly develop a good intelligent electric vehicle with a tax of 800million yuan, achieve brand improvement, and promote the transformation of China's automobile industry from big to strong

it is reported that hi provides powerful computing power and operating system, including three computing platforms, intelligent driving computing platform, intelligent cockpit computing platform and intelligent vehicle control computing platform, as well as three operating systems AOS (intelligent driving operating system), HOS (Intelligent cockpit operating system) and Vos (intelligent vehicle control operating system)

in addition, Huawei's hicar ecosystem has reached cooperation agreements with a large number of domestic and joint venture models. At present, it has cooperated with 150 + vehicles, and plans to pre install more than 5million vehicles in 2021

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