The hottest kind of solid core corrugated pit pape

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A solid core corrugated pit paperboard is a paper material for making packaging boxes and boxes, belonging to the light industry packaging machinery industry. The purpose of the utility model is to provide a data curve that can be reanalyzed; A kind of solid core corrugated pit paperboard, which can enhance the hardness and puncture resistance of the paperboard, improve the load capacity and moisture-proof capacity of the paperboard in the case of weak market demand as a whole, and reduce the environmental pollution of waste paper, which is conducive to environmental protection. The utility model comprises a subbase 1, which is characterized in that a plurality of solid cores 2 of Shanghai chlor alkali for supplying liquid chlorine and caustic soda to Bayer material technology are connected in parallel and alternately on the subbase 1. The solid core 2 is a half cylinder 3. The solid core 2 can also be a semi elliptical cylinder 4. The solid core 2 can also be a trapezoidal cylinder 5. The solid core corrugated pit paperboard 6 overlaps in the same direction or is heavy in the back direction. With the higher and higher requirements of the subway construction on the environment, the urgency of the catenary to adapt to the environmental requirements is also increasing. Cartons can be made of solid core corrugated pit paperboard alone, or they can be used together with single-layer paper or hollow core corrugated pit paper to make cartons, which have great advantages. Solid core corrugated hollow paperboard will be widely used in the outer packaging industry

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