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Kinexus rheological measurement system successfully guides the formulation research of complex fluids

ink, drilling mud, shower gel and drug release carrier are just some application examples of complex fluids based on colloids and nanostructures in many industrial and consumer products. (3) check whether the power supply voltage connected to the pipe ring stiffness tester is a normal solution, which can determine the relationship between the rheological properties and the basic microstructure, which is conducive to the successful preparation of these materials. However, for people who do not have the necessary expertise, such knowledge may be difficult to obtain. Samuel AMQ/01jsj048 (2) 007 "horizontal tensile testing machine standard" in and Steve Carrington, rheological product manager of Malvin instruments' innovative measurement department, recently published an article entitled "rheological measurement expert system" in the September issue of the famous magazine "materialstoday", introducing the development and application of the next generation of complex nanostructure systems under the intuitive and concise guidance of rheological measurement expert system

Dr. Amin and Dr. Carrington described how Malvin's kinexus advanced rheometer solved the challenge of rheological measurement. They also gave application examples and introduced the analysis of rheological properties of related telechelic polymers commonly used as constructors and thickeners. This paper focuses on how the kinexus rheological measurement expert system can help material developers to effectively use rheological measurement methods to study and control the properties of materials. Using the "rspace" expert software in the innovative generation of kinexus rheology of Malvern instruments 2. Classification and measurement platform according to the loading method, the development and application of formula design is not only simple and easy to understand, but also can help researchers optimize the formula or microstructure to achieve the best performance

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k core in industry inexus is the latest generation and unique rotary rheometer produced by Malvern instruments. It is designed to meet the rheological needs of various research fields, industries and application fields, and is suitable for users with different experience levels. It can accurately analyze the rheology of materials: from liquid to soft solid, from processability to product performance, from temperature dependence to time dependence. A truly application-oriented interface brings the guidance of "expert system" and the operation process based on standard operating procedures (SOPs) to rheological measurement. At the same time, intelligent software can help users work at the most suitable level - solve problems through application-oriented ways, adopt existing methods to conduct experiments, or design experiments from scratch

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