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Goodwill reminder about magic paint

goodwill about magic paint should be replaced; It is reported that Shenzhen Urban Management Office has successfully tested a magic paint that can cure "psoriasis". This paint can effectively remove illegal advertising posters on all kinds of walls and trunks, and the surface coated with this paint can no longer be pasted and written, which saves money and lasts! This is indeed a magical coating. If the effect of this coating is as reported, we must first congratulate the urban management office for its great contribution to the appearance of Shenzhen

however, it is precisely because such a coating is so magical that I have to have a skeptical attitude. As Popper said, what can stand doubt can be valuable. As the urban management office, it is their duty to find a good solution to the "psoriasis" that pollutes the city appearance. However, they personally test the paint, which makes the measurement and control link of the experimental machine the center of all the experimental machines. We outsiders don't understand it. After all, the Research on "magic paint" generally requires professional R & D personnel or enterprises. If the urban management office entrusts a scientific research unit or enterprise to do this work, Are more conventional methods

an important way to improve efficiency in industrial society is division of labor. Let public management do management work and let the market develop better and better products. Such an arrangement reflects the division of labor. Although the experimental work of the urban management office is reported to be very successful, we do not advocate such an approach, just as we do not want the public security department to develop high-performance anti-theft devices and firefighters to become computer masters. The marketization of public utilities is actually to further clarify the government's management functions. Such consideration is to hope that our public management can do their own work well, and regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source. The local management department does something they are not best at. This is neither in line with the principle of efficiency nor clear responsibilities and rights required by the legitimate governance of society. I may be a bit picky to say so, but as a reminder of citizens, it is beneficial to public management

in addition, I also want to remind the relevant parties whether such a "magical" coating has obtained the safety certification from the Technical Supervision Bureau, and whether there are potential hazards if it is directly painted on the wall - such as air pollution, etc. after all, the things tested in 100 days may not be so perfect. It is reported that the paint will be tested in Shennan Road, Shangbu Road, Fuhua road and other sections. We hope relevant parties to provide necessary safety instructions, which is responsible to the public. Such a request is not excessive

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