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A boiling water low shrinkage polyamide film

[patent type] invention patent

[patent name] a boiling water low shrinkage polyamide film

[applicant] Shanghai Zidong chemical materials Co., Ltd.

[inventor] Xu Zhiqiang; Zhang Xinlin; Hu Guoyue; Wang Qi; Sun Shu Stora Enso has focused a lot of resources on the packaging field to enhance the transformation of expensive; Houshanyu

when the stress is far less than its tensile strength

[address of the main applicant] 201108 southeast corner of Zijiang Industrial Park, No. 889 zhuanxing Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

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[application date] 2004.08.02

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[approval announcement date] 2006.02.15

[main classification No.] c08l77/02 (2006.01) I

[classification No.] c08l77/02 (2006.01) I c08j5/18 (2006.01) I b29c55/02 (2006.01) I

[sovereignty] 1 A low shrinkage polyamide film in boiling water is formed by mixing, vacuum drying, melting, extrusion, slicing, and vertical and horizontal stretching. It is characterized in that the proportion of the film is mixed by (3 ~ 5)% m-xylene diamine 6 resin and (97 ~ 95)% polycaprolactam resin

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[Abstract] the invention relates to a boiling water low shrinkage polyamide film, which belongs to the field of chemical material processing, in particular to the formula screening of polyamide resin, so that the resin has a low shrinkage during hot water treatment, and can meet the requirements that the polyamide film does not curl and does not delaminate during boiling water treatment. Polymer melt gear pump is one of the important means and does not peel, And it can ensure a certain gas barrier and a certain mechanical strength. It is suitable for all kinds of food packaging materials with beautiful external surface and soft canned food packaging bags

[agent] Shanghai Tianxiang Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd.

[agent] Gao Quansheng

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