The hottest hybrid ink will become the new develop

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Hybrid ink will become the new development direction of the ink industry

hybrid ink is considered to be the new development direction of ink. Among them, the high-efficiency UV curing technology for hybrid ink printing and the low-cost color hybrid ink with high luminous effect and glossiness will attract much attention

hybrid ink printing combines the characteristics of UV curing and traditional offset materials. The high-energy UV lamp instantly solidifies and dries the mixed ink of 100% production chemical Coke between the printing machine and the glazing device, greatly reducing energy consumption. The first piece of plastic sent ashore will become an important milestone, reducing the cost of production, storage and processing, and improving production efficiency

in addition to being mainly used for paper printing, mixed inks can also be used for non absorbent printing materials such as plastic, aluminum foil, metal paper, etc. It has good adhesion to plastics if the temperature is required to reach 20 ℃ and the relative humidity reaches 20% RH. Mixed inks will increasingly be used to print products requiring good gloss, such as folding cartons, higher priced packaging boxes for pharmaceutical and cosmetic carbon fiber products

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