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Xiyuer company expands its investment in China

Shanghai, China, Wednesday, February 1st, 2006: xiyuer company (sealed exterior window air) announced today to expand its investment in China. Recently, Hyatt signed an investment agreement with Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park. Hyatt will establish a new plant in Qingpu Industrial Park, mainly producing Cryovac "kuairwei" food packaging products and polyolefin foaming board products. The plant is expected to start production in 2007. The new plant site has enough expansion space for the production of other products of Hyatt in the future

the signing of this agreement marks another far-reaching investment project of joy in the Chinese market. Officials of Shanghai municipal government and Qingpu District government, as well as senior personnel of Hyatt Corporation attended the signing ceremony. Mr. Chris Woodbridge, vice president of global production strategy of Hyatt, signed this investment agreement with Mr. Yu Haiping, chairman and general manager of Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park Development (Group) company

when commenting on expanding investment in China, Mr. William v. Hickey, President and CEO of Hyatt, said: "China's rising economic strength in the global market provides us with a good development opportunity for global development, allowing us to meet the growing demand for innovative packaging products in the Chinese market. Continuous development of potential markets such as China is a crucial step for Hyatt. This is the embodiment of our strategic policy of achieving profitable growth and maintaining global leadership."

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Hyatt company is a leading packaging manufacturer in the global industry, producing a series of food packaging and protective packaging materials and equipment, including the well-known bubble wrap buffer packaging. Once a serious fire hazard is exposed, Jiffy "jetfy" mail packaging and Cryovac impact testing machine. What are the operating procedures and experimental requirements of "kuailwei" food packaging

forward looking discussion

some of the company's statements in this draft are forward-looking, including views on the impact of future events and development trends on the company's business, which is based on the current expectations of the management, and there will inevitably be a certain degree of risk and uncertainty, because many things are outside the control of the company. Forward looking statements can be identified by the use of words such as "expect", "estimate", "intend", "plan" and "will". The following are some important factors that the company believes can cause the actual results to be essentially different from those forward-looking statements: changes in raw materials and energy consumption, market conditions, exchange rates, success of new products and applications, structural adjustment of power supply capacity, and gradual improvement of legal procedures. Many factors such as this or that are listed in form 10-K in the company's latest annual report or form 10-Q in the quarterly report, as well as some public statements about securities trading. Now let's learn about the relevant information of this product in the document, which appears in the discussion of management, operating results and financial situation analysis and other paragraphs

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