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HVAC control market is poised to increase

[introduction: Arc "HVAC control system Global Market Research Report" It is pointed out that the market is undergoing a major innovation, and a large number of innovative technologies are emerging as needed. The future needs involve enterprise level visualization, energy management, the integration of HVAC systems with other building automation systems, and richer analysis methods. The latest Internet technology and cloud computing technology will also become a driving force for its development.]

as an important part of the building automation market, HVAC control system inevitably suffered serious impact from economic turbulence in 2008. The market showed a healthy growth trend in 2007 and early 2008. Just as everyone was looking forward to the growth in the coming year, the sudden subprime mortgage crisis pushed the U.S. housing loan market to the brink of collapse, and the relevant industrial chains were also hit hard one after another. Since the end of 2008, the economic recession has gradually spread to countries all over the world, and the HVAC control system market has also been dragged down

the HVAC control market is in a very interesting transition period. The market of the top seven major suppliers has shut down the experimental machine or equipment, and the market share has suddenly stopped automatically, exceeding 80%. On the surface, it seems to be a mature and stable market. According to Joseph Gillespie, an arc research analyst, in his "Research Report on the global market of HVAC control systems", in fact, the market is undergoing a major innovation, and a large number of innovative technologies are emerging on demand. The future demand involves enterprise level visualization, energy management, the integration of HVAC systems with other building automation systems, richer analysis methods, etc. The latest Internet technology and cloud computing technology will also become a driving force for its development

pay close attention to the cost of building life cycle

improving energy efficiency and employee productivity and reducing the impact on the environment are effective measures to reduce the total cost, which has not attracted enough attention before. Nowadays, when planning repair or new projects, building owners and engineering designers need to consider not only the cost of purchasing, installing, debugging and other aspects of people's research in building materials, but also actively explore how to optimize the total cost. The innovative intelligent control system shows more advantages, such as monitoring and optimizing energy consumption, sending alerts and notifications in real time to prevent downtime, recording and monitoring the history and trend of energy consumption data, and providing system reports in rewriting mode. In the whole life cycle, the intelligent control system can effectively save the total cost and maintain smooth communication with the enterprise level, so it is expected to show the strongest growth momentum within the expectation

ip technology promotes the function expansion of HVAC control system

the HVAC control market adopts network communication standards and related services, thus realizing the functions of intelligent analysis of building data, thereby expanding the concept of intelligent buildings. Different from traditional HVAC solutions, more new requirements are put forward for future solutions, including providing equipment managers with various tools to help them analyze complex business information. Based on their keen awareness of the market, more and more HVAC control system suppliers are working hard to develop relevant technologies. The development goal of intelligent HVAC solutions is to help equipment managers formulate a set of reasonable operation strategies. Through the analysis of real-time performance data and comprehensive equipment management, we can find the potential cost and achieve the goal of reducing energy consumption and saving expenses

the latest laws and stimulus plans in the North American market will be the driving force for growth

many countries have formulated more effective laws for building energy management. In the past five years, the United States has introduced several major bills aimed at vigorously improving the energy efficiency of buildings by increasing tax relief, loans, subsidies and other policies, because the shortage of funds and the high cost of obtaining funds have become almost the restraining factors of all market growth. In order to further stimulate investment in building energy efficiency, the government has launched a series of new incentive policies, which will effectively promote the healthy development of the HVAC market after 2009

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