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The pre stretching tool of SPG group is a stainless steel frame, which is pre stretched by adjustable horizontal bolts to support an aluminum core/cavity. Using Klaus Maffei 3500 ton press for molding, SPG group can provide buffer prototypes with manufacturing quality in just eight weeks, and the delivery of small batch production series is only a few weeks longer

with the help of its pre stretching tool system, SPG group produced 14 part front bumper for Volkswagen Golf TGI model in nine weeks. The aluminum core/cavity in the steel frame can produce up to 50000 parts

spg's ladle aluminum pre stretching tool was originally conceived for the manufacture of bumper prototypes, but now it is used to meet the demand for small batches of high-quality bumpers and help automobile manufacturers shorten the time to market of customized or special models

spg group designed the automobile bumper production mold using steel frame, aluminum core and aluminum cavity. Its original intention was mainly to speed up the provision of prototypes for customers such as automobile original equipment manufacturers and primary suppliers. This method really works. Bumpers with manufacturing quality can be produced in just eight weeks. But the target market is not limited to bumper samples. The number of bumpers that can be produced by the steel aluminum hybrid mold is far more than the normal prototype batch, up to 50000 pieces, maybe a little more. This opens the market to small batch production models. According to the sales manager of SPG group, this is a healthy growth market

this hybrid mold is called pre stretching tool. The bumper produced by it can achieve manufacturing quality because SPG, especially the experimental machine and instrument, is developing towards high-tech and complex direction. The group uses the technology belonging to the production series of bumper molds. The steel frame is pre stretched with adjustable bolts, which provides stability and can neutralize the stress, especially the transverse force. In this size of mold, the stress can deform the unsupported aluminum

fast tools, unique parts

after the establishment of the alliance, the phenomenon of "mass customization" can be seen in many industries. In the automotive industry, this has become a strong trend. Car dealers hope that buyers can choose different cars from the people next door, reflecting a personalized lifestyle suitable for drivers. Therefore, designers create various models to realize personalization for buyers. The design customization involves the inside and outside of the vehicle, including the bumper, and the production and operation volume is much smaller than the standard model that should control the loading speed

spg moulds a limited number of bumpers, not competing with its traditional customers, especially primary suppliers. Large suppliers know that small batches are not suitable for them. In fact, they have outsourced these small batch jobs to SPG. The pre stretching die was put into production in SPG in 2003, and has had satisfactory customers. Using this new technology, SPG provided a small batch of bumpers with manufacturing quality to Porsche, enabling automakers to start producing cars 10 weeks ahead of schedule, accelerating the return of investment. The 14 part front bumper system produced for Volkswagen Golf TGI was produced within nine weeks

in addition to providing 20000 or 30000 small batches of bumpers for large original equipment manufacturers and primary suppliers, SPG also focuses on automobile manufacturers whose total production capacity provides the performance required to replace traditional materials, such as lotus and Ferrari. Moreover, the ability to economically and rapidly produce up to 50000 large pieces of manufacturing quality can not be limited to bumpers. Negitz mentioned the car dashboard, because the designers want to make the interior of the car as customized as the exterior

small batch exclusive supplier

in order to provide a wider range of services, SPG company has established a business department - SPG project management company, which enables original equipment manufacturers and system suppliers to outsource the production of their small batch components. SPG project management company takes turnkey as the standard to undertake all tasks and deal with every aspect of development and production. Customers only need to touch it. The mold department of SPG group, headquartered in the Netherlands, is a global supplier for automobiles, and bumper is only one of its specialties. Nine companies under SPG group also provide molds for semiconductor production, consumer electronics, heavy machinery, computers and other industries. Professional fields include large-scale tools and multi-material/multi-color molds. They have full design ability, can provide support to customers, and can realize rapid production. SPG group is part of the global group coromans group, which has 2900 employees and gross sales of 1.1 billion euros (1.38 billion US dollars) in 2002

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