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Hu Tingxin: personality building "xiner paint"

Hu Tingxin: personality building "xiner paint"

April 17, 2007

Hu Tingxin's life is full of countless challenges

In 1962, Hu Tingxin was born in Bancheng Town, Lanshan District, Linyi city. Perhaps there is a business gene in his bones. When his peers were still rushing to find a formal job, the 16-year-old had felt the spring breeze of reform and opening up. He boldly started selling vegetables, earned a lot of money with small profits and high turnover, and lived a carefree life

two years later, when 18-year-old Hu Tingxin often saw that someone was worried about malfunctioning household appliances such as televisions and radios, he immediately changed careers and began to undertake household appliance maintenance work everywhere. But he knows nothing about circuits. What should he do? So he found his brother who had gone to college, but he couldn't repair it. Under his repeated entreaties, the embarrassed brother helped him find a master who knew household appliances to repair again and again. However, after a long time, he made money, but his brother became impatient and suggested that he sell household appliances

Hu Tingxin is a resolute person. He immediately took a fancy to the home appliance sales market in Linyi, invested all his savings, and became the first group of people in Linyi to monopolize home appliances. With the improvement of people's living standards, his home appliance business is also booming, with a net profit of at least 300000 per year. He made his first pot of gold

when there are more and more home appliance sellers in the market, Hu Tingxin resolutely withdrew. He saw that the urbanization process of Linyi was speeding up, and he expected that the demand for steel for infrastructure construction would be increasing. So, in 1992, he invested and built a steel plant. Steelmaking is strange to Hu Tingxin. He groped and moved forward, but he was still working hard. Based on long-term development, he borrowed 300000 yuan of testing equipment, which fully guaranteed the quality of steel and made the benefits of the steel plant better and better

Hu Tingxin is not so smooth every time. With more money, he wants to diversify. He learned that China's paper products are in a big gap, which is the third largest category of imported products after oil and plastics, so he invested millions to set up a paper mill in Wuxi. However, this time, for various reasons, Hu Tingxin's paper mill lost money

Hu Tingxin fought back to Linyi again, and his morale remained unchanged. After market research, he opened a fishing gear store that helps people's leisure life, and has become the exclusive agent of many well-known fishing gear brands in the province or Linyi. He has constantly developed chain branches, wholesale and retail businesses, and the income is stable. Not long ago, he made an inventory, and the inventory in the fishing gear store alone has reached tens of millions of yuan

"xiner" attacked, and Zhang Jian endorsed

to get involved in the coating industry in 2001. At that time, Hu Tingxin had millions of idle funds. He thought that idling funds was a waste, so he began to investigate new projects. He saw that Linyi mall was becoming more and more prosperous, and the driving force for local industry was becoming increasingly obvious, and the government strongly supported the development of industry, so he chose to operate industrial paint. He invested more than 4 million yuan and acted as an agent for several industrial paint brands at home and abroad. With the increasing expansion of business, he has developed from a single industrial paint to a full range of industrial paint, automotive paint, architectural paint, etc

however, in the process of operation, Hu Tingxin felt that being a product agent was too restricted by manufacturers and all aspects. Can you produce paint products by yourself? With sufficient funds, the government has preferential policies to support, the wholesale radiation of Linyi mall is strong, and local paint brands are scarce... After some analysis, Hu Tingxin is determined to build his own paint brand

be high-end if you want to do it! Hu Tingxin positioned the company as a large-scale science, industry and trade enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of high-end coatings and integrating construction. He introduced advanced technology and equipment from the United States, France, Italy and other countries, selected imported raw materials, and grandly launched "xiner" coatings in 2003

in order to reassure consumers, Hu Tingxin asked the company to always put product quality control in the first place. "Xiner" coating products have passed ISO9000 quality management system certification, China environmental labeling product certification, China National Compulsory Product Certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. Hu Tingxin also invested heavily in long-term cooperation with coating research institutions of colleges and universities in Beijing, so that product development has always been in a leading position in the same industry. His purpose is only one -- to ensure that each barrel of paint of "xiner" is a high-quality product, so that he can live up to the original intention of "making two plywood clamp the test piece xiner" for the product

at a gathering of friends in 2005, Hu Tingxin accidentally met Zhang Jian, a teacher at Beijing Sport University. They hit it off at first sight, and it's too late to meet. Zhang Jian was conquered by his persistence and personality charm, and Hu Tingxin was also moved by Zhang Jian's fighting spirit. A friend took advantage of the situation and suggested that Zhang Jian be the spokesperson for "xiner lacquer". Hu Tingxin was very excited after hearing this, and Zhang Jian readily agreed. Therefore, in 2005, Zhang Jian, the world's first person to cross the Bohai Strait, became the image spokesman of "xiner" paint, which made "xiner paint" the first paint brand with celebrity endorsement in China. Zhang Jian's brave, hard-working and lasting image is perfectly combined with "xiner" products, which has opened up the way for "xiner paint" to quickly become the forefront of the coating industry

"you earn 10 yuan, I only earn 5 cents"

in 2006, Hu Tingxin took advantage of the momentum and led "xiner" paint to launch a heavy attack on CCTV, investing a lot of advertising. With first-class product quality, moderate product price, perfect after-sales service and zero risk management guarantee, xiner coating was soon known by domestic coating dealers

in March this year, "xiner" coating held the "21st century coating crisis and challenge Summit Forum" in Linyi. Even Hu Tingxin didn't expect that nearly 100 large coating dealers from all over the country would come. During the meeting, the dealers took the initiative to pay the cooperation deposit to "xiner". A meeting, completed the "xiner paint" 10million sales plan

and Hu Tingxin's atmosphere even more impressed everyone. He said sincerely to the dealer, "I'm a businessman, and I also want to make money, but my goal of 8. Speed regulation system is that you earn 10 yuan, and I only earn 50 cents." What Hu Tingxin thinks is that only by giving more profits to dealers can they give more profits to consumers. Only when consumers win first, dealers win in the middle, and enterprises win last, can the common goal of "three wins" be achieved! In just a few years, only in the interior and exterior wall decoration of Linyi District, the decorative area using "xiner paint" paint has reached more than 3 million square meters, which can not be said to be a miracle

after many years of business experience, Hu Tingxin also saw many sticking points in the development of local enterprises: lack of scientific management, difficulty in attracting investment and financing, lagging behind in marketing ideas... Therefore, he jumped out of the business ideas of private economy and began to prepare for the establishment of xiner building materials business school in early 2007. He wants to build the first self built business school in China that provides the whole process marketing and enterprise management teaching of building impact testing machines and connecting materials with traction electromagnets. In the early stage, it mainly provides personnel training, marketing planning and other services for the national dealers of "xiner paint". The gloss of the surface of service parts has also changed, so that the dealers of "xiner" can continue to expand their business with new marketing concepts and make a lot of money

with this dedication to work hard and the pursuit of keeping pace with the times, there is no doubt that Hu Tingxin's tomorrow will be more brilliant

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