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Husky hycap high performance bottle cap system landing in North America recently, husky injection molding system (husky) held a North American beverage bottle cap and professional bottle cap forum at its headquarters in Canada, which is one of its world tour exhibitions. This is also the first time that Husky's unique hycap high performance packaging (HPP) system has been exhibited in North America

hycaphpp is a set of beverage bottle cap production system, which was launched by Chinaplas last year. Hesky pointed out that this is the world's fastest bottle cap injection molding system, which combines a new mold concept, eliminates unnecessary processes and mechanical movements in the mold, and greatly improves production efficiency. The company said that hycaphpp can shorten the injection molding cycle by up to 20% compared with similar systems on the market; Compared with the previous generation of products, it can save up to 20% of energy consumption

husky demonstrated on site the production of a lightweight drinking water bottle cap weighing 1.2g and 29/25mm, with an injection cycle of only 1.85 seconds, using a 72 chamber KTW beverage bottle cap mold, and a complete downstream IMD visual decoration performance detection system. Hycaphpp also integrates a series of systems to increase its ease of use. Its intelligent on-off features make it easier to start and shut down. With the help of the new generation of Polaris console, it provides a high level of accuracy and reliability, and realizes more accurate fine-tuning functions, so that fast lightweight applications will greatly benefit

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