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Huzhou Nanxun seized more than 20000 fake northeast rice packaging bags

which were obviously local rice and used the packaging bags of northeast rice in this period. Recently, Huzhou Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision seized a rice manufacturer suspected of falsely using the name and address of others in Nanxun district

it can be seen in the warehouse of xunjiahe grain and Oil Co., Ltd. that some rice uses the name and address of Harbin Yunlong refined rice processing plant and Heilongjiang Selenium rice production base, as well as the packaging bag whose dealer is Huzhou Nanxun Jiahe grain and Oil Co., Ltd. according to the test frequency, it can be divided into low-frequency fatigue testing machine, medium frequency fatigue testing machine, high-frequency fatigue testing machine UHF fatigue testing machine, and some rice packaging bags are not even marked with the company name

it is reported that the company has used these outer packages since January this year. These rice have been sold to Hucheng, Nanxun and other places, and the sales volume in April alone reached 22500 kg. There were 5500 kilograms of rice already produced in the warehouse and 216500 fake packaging bags. Law enforcement officers immediately sealed these rice and packaging bags and asked the company to recover the sold rice

the staff of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision reminded consumers that when purchasing northeast rice, they must carefully check the label of the outer package, and do not mistake the locally produced "northeast rice" for the authentic "northeast rice"

source of information: Huzhou evening news

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