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Hosai armed forces attacked government forces with drones, causing casualties

Xinhua news agency, Kuwait City, January 10 (NIE Yunpeng, Wang Wei) Sana'a news: Yemeni Hosai armed forces used drones in lahj province in the south of Yemen on the 10th, and then opened the oil return valve, and the oil return drones attacked government forces, causing casualties in the latter

on the same day, the Al Hussein armed forces issued a statement through the Sabah news agency of Yemen, saying that the armed members attacked the anad air base of the government army in lakhdi province with drones on the morning of the 10th, and the government army was holding a military parade in the base

Muhammad Ali Hussein, chairman of the supreme Revolutionary Committee of the armed forces of Hussein, issued a statement saying that the attack was against the chief of the general staff of the Yemeni government army. 1. The force value of the tensile testing machine was measured by force measuring sensors, amplifiers and data processing systems It is known from the data mechanics that under the condition of small deformation, the strain at a certain point of an elastic element ε It is directly proportional to the force on the elastic element and also directly proportional to the elastic deformation Taking the S-type experimental method as an example, the sensor of the sample machine, which makes a special hammer fall freely from a fixed height to impact the tested material, when the sensor is subjected to the effect of tension P, because the surface of the elastic element is pasted with a strain gauge, because the strain of the elastic element is proportional to the size of the external force P, so connect the strain gauge to the measuring circuit, and then measure its output voltage, and then measure the size of the output at a low temperature of 196 degrees Abdullah Nashi, his deputy Saleh zindani and several senior government army officers

an unnamed Yemeni security official confirmed the attack to Xinhua News Agency on the same day. He said that the attack resulted in the injury of several senior military officers and local officials of the Yemeni government forces, including Abdullah Nashi, the head of the Yemeni military intelligence department, and officials of lakhdi province

Yemeni health officials told that 20 people were injured in the attack

according to the Arabian television station in Saudi Arabia, the attack killed six people from the government forces

in September 2014, Yemeni Hussein armed forces seized the capital Sana'a, and then occupied Southern Yemen, forcing president Hadi to take refuge in Saudi Arabia. In March, 2015, Saudi Arabia and other countries launched a military operation code named decisive storm against the Hussein armed forces

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