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Hybrid tires or all carbon wheels achieve 20% lightweight

recently, Huntsman showed a hybrid wheel produced by a first-class supplier at the 2015 European composite Exhibition (COM devices time positions Europe 2015), which can achieve 20% lightweight. The wheels are surrounded by an aluminum alloy frame with epoxy structure CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer). High pressure resin conversion model process is adopted in the manufacturing process, showing thermal and mechanical properties. At the same time, due to the reduction of tire weight, it can release additional power or save energy

hybrid or all carbon wheel has many advantages. It can reduce the rotating mass and unsprung mass, reduce fuel consumption, reduce road noise and reduce braking distance, improve acceleration and mechanical grip, and improve the sense of operation and driving

carbon wheels have existed for several years, and now most of them are customized and niche. Lars Fredrik Berg, project manager of Fraunhofer, said: we have built a single cylinder laboratory using reinforced fiber composites to study the engine adjustment report situation. The trend of light-weight automobile drives OEMs and tire manufacturers to innovate and improve materials. While maintaining and even improving performance, they should also comply with increasingly stringent carbon dioxide emission regulations. Automobile lightweight has brought great impetus to the development of carbon wheels. Many OEMs and tire manufacturers are looking for cost competitive mass production of carbon wheels. Customized expensive wheels, previously purchased mainly by car and sports enthusiasts, will have a broader market in the future

in addition, some evaluations have shown that tire lightweight can bring twice the benefits of vehicle frame lightweight. Therefore, the automotive industry began to realize that tire lightweight is not only suitable for luxury cars, but also will achieve mass production in the near future

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