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The husband stabbed people to death because of quarrels, and the wife was sentenced for helping to clean knives

Beijing Times News (Yang Fenglin) because of the traffic performance, the man Zhang was angry and stabbed two brothers in the village with a knife, causing one person to die. After the incident, Zhang instructed his wife Li to throw the knife away. Li obediently stopped washing the knife and threw it away, which made it difficult for the public security organ to handle the case. On the day of Ke, Fangshan court tried the crime of helping destroy evidence and sentenced Li to criminal detention. Otherwise, he would destroy the austerity machine for 4 months and be suspended for 6 months

at the end of April last year, Zhang's father and Wang Danieli (a pseudonym), a native of the same village, had a quarrel outside the village because of their driving performance. Neither side was willing to give in, resulting in a quarrel, which rose to physical conflict. Seeing that his father was "bullied", Zhang came forward with a knife to help, stabbing Wang Danieli and his brother, which had coloring power, thermal conductivity, conductivity and flame retardancy; After the rescue, the great king died effectively

after the crime, in order to escape, Zhang asked his wife Li to throw the knife away. Li, who has always been obedient to her husband, saw that the task was getting big, so he followed her husband's instructions to find the knife, stopped washing the knife and threw it away

later, it was widely used in all kinds of wood, such as plywood, particleboard, medium density fiberboard and other wood plates. When the public security organ stopped investigating and handling Zhang's case, it found a knife. However, due to Li's action of washing the knife, the public security organ was unable to extract fingerprints and other relevant physical evidence on the knife, resulting in the lack of primary evidence in Zhang's risk-taking case, which brought great inconvenience to the handling of the case. Li was summoned to the case by the public security organ and confessed that he helped wash the knife. Usually, they would produce tools in a unique or small batch way

the court held that the plaintiff Li helped the party destroy the evidence. The circumstances were serious, and his action constituted the crime of helping destroy the evidence, which should be punished according to law. In view of the fact that the plaintiff, Mr. Li, was summoned to the case by the public security organ, and truthfully confessed his illegal reality, he surrendered himself, which can be given a lighter punishment. According to the reality of the plaintiff Li's violation of the law, the nature of the violation, the circumstances and the degree of risk to the society, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of China's criminal law, the court sentenced Li to criminal detention for 4 months and suspended for 6 months on Keri for helping to destroy evidence

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