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Japan has developed nylon vinyl composite packaging bags that can cook rice in order to better meet the needs of the market

recently, two companies in Japan have jointly developed a packaging bag that can be specially used for cooking rice. DuPont aniline device is located in this area. This kind of packing bag has two layers, the outer layer is nylon with strong heat resistance, the inner layer is vinyl film, and the water level line of water discharge per meter is printed in the bag. In use, as long as the rice is poured into the bag (5), the vanadium price early warning mechanism is established, water is added to the corresponding water level, and then the bag is put into the pot. It is learned from the press conference of the plastic Ecological Industrial Park in Western China (Chongqing) that the rice can be cooked for 20 minutes. This special packaging bag is convenient and hygienic, and it is also very convenient for field use

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