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The 2020 China (Shanghai) big data industry innovation summit, a city of innovation and empowerment, was held in Shanghai. According to the electromechanical home, the 2020 China (Shanghai) big data industry innovation summit was grandly held in Shanghai on December 4 under the joint guidance of the information technology development department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of economic informatization and the Shanghai Municipal Commission of science and technology, and hosted by the Shanghai big data alliance, The theme of this summit is "gathering a number of people on the Bank of the Pujiang River, enabling a city of innovation", which is carried out online and offline simultaneously. Zhang Ying, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of economic and information technology, and yangyuyan, deputy director of the information technology development department of the Ministry of industry and information technology addressed the summit. He you, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and fengjianfeng, President of the Institute of brain intelligence science and technology of Fudan University, attended the summit and delivered keynote speeches. At the meeting, a number of public data open application pilot projects and the construction results of big data joint innovation laboratory were released; Zhang Ying, deputy director of the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, presented commemorative trophies to 10 departments that have made outstanding achievements in public data opening; At the meeting, the "Shanghai international data port industrial cooperation community" was also established, and the awarding ceremony of various events of the open data event alliance was held; At the same time, the awards of the 2020 big data industry innovation award were announced at the summit, and the leaders of all departments and experts in all fields of the city presented awards to the award-winning enterprises

Zhang Ying, deputy director of the Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, pointed out that during the "13th five year plan" period in Shanghai, the top-level design with openness and sharing as the core was preliminarily improved, the application pattern with enabling all industries as the main direction began to take shape, the spatial carrier characterized by industrial agglomeration was basically formed, and the development ecology characterized by inclusiveness and mass entrepreneurship was continuously improved. With the "14th five year plan" approaching, Shanghai should focus on building a "people's city" and promote a higher level of data sharing and openness; Based on the construction of "international digital capital", deepen the data enabling industries, and realize the overall transformation of urban digitalization; Based on the construction of the central node and strategic link of the new development pattern, we should constantly improve the urban data energy level

yangyuyan, deputy director of the information technology development department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out in the video speech that after unremitting efforts during the 13th Five Year Plan period, China's big data field has basically formed a development pattern of catching up with the core technology, continuously improving the open level of data sharing, continuously deepening cross domain applications, and rich and diversified industrial ecology. We should further carry out institutional innovation and regulation formulation, strengthen the formulation and implementation of big data standards, and promote the high-quality development of the big data industry. As China's big data comprehensive experimental zone, Shanghai has made remarkable achievements in optimizing the policy environment, stimulating innovation vitality, cultivating market players and strengthening talent support. In the next step, we will, as always, support all parts of the country represented by Shanghai to actively develop the big data industry, continue to stimulate the data potential, and make greater contributions to building a strong network and developing a cutting-edge country, a digital China, and a smart society

this year, the Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission organized the collection and construction of public data open application pilot projects, enabling high-quality development of all industries by opening public data to the society. After nearly half a year of construction, Guotai Junan and some electronic tensile testing machine screw rods on the market now use T-shaped ordinary screw rods, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Ping An technology and other 8 units to fully develop and utilize the public data opened by the Municipal Commission of Commerce, the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, the municipal ecological environment bureau, the Municipal Transportation Commission, the Municipal Health Commission, the municipal market supervision bureau and other departments, A number of public service platforms such as enterprise risk control, Inclusive Finance and credit services have been formed and released at the summit. As a result, the 10 departments that provided data for this batch of projects were rated as the outstanding departments of 2020 Shanghai public data open application, setting a benchmark for the innovative application of government enterprise data fusion

the application of government enterprise data fusion is an important direction for the development of big data in Shanghai. A number of achievements in the construction of Shanghai big data joint innovation laboratory were released at the meeting. Since taking the lead in launching the construction nationwide in 2018, it has built financial, scientific research, energy and steel manufacturing laboratories for high-quality development; We will increase the frequency of malfunctions in electromechanical and sensor equipment that are high-quality and easy to replace experimental equipment, and build medical, tourism and education laboratories; Facing high standard governance, it has built transportation, urban management, social credit and open data laboratories. After two years of construction, the laboratory has joined forces with industry, University and research to gather data resources and service capabilities, formed a number of industry big data enabling platforms, and released a number of application achievements such as China's first university social science data platform and the city's primary and secondary education reading index

in order to promote the development of the city's international data industry and the construction of "international data port", 11 units, including Lianhe investment, Lingang group, cross-border digital technology, Shangyan Zhilian, Schneider China, Bank of Shanghai, SAIC, Yitong international, youkede, industrial interconnection innovation center and national big data industry base, jointly established the "Shanghai international data port industry cooperation community" at the summit, It also calls on all walks of life to jointly participate in the construction of "international data port", widely cooperate, show their strengths, actively innovate and orderly promote, jointly promote the facilitation of international data circulation, promote the formation of an international data industry cluster, and build Shanghai into a core node of domestic data element allocation and a strategic link of international data circulation

ICBC's data Intelligence Center was officially unveiled at the summit to further seize the opportunity of national data element reform, give full play to its technical advantages of some important shock absorber equipment and rich scene advantages in the field of financial big data, commit to promoting technological innovation of big data and artificial intelligence platform, construction of financial data system and scene application innovation, and jointly promote the opening of data in the financial industry with partners from all walks of life, including government, industry, University and research Technology upgrading, inclusive services and ecological prosperity, and create ICBC's scheme and Chinese standard for digital finance to enable high-quality economic development

led by the soda open data innovation and application competition, the city cooperates with domestic open data competitions in various fields to jointly establish an open data competition alliance. Open events drive data openness, and open data drives innovation and development. This year's events have come to an end. Today, the winners were announced at the summit and an award ceremony was held

at the meeting, academician he you of the Chinese Academy of Engineering delivered a keynote speech on the topic of "industrial big data", fengjianfeng, chief professor of Shanghai mathematics center, shared the latest research results around "big data and brain health", and zhangxueli, President of East China branch of the Chinese Academy of communications, released the city's 2019 big data industry development report. Sunyuanhao, CEO of Starlink technology, chenqingshan, vice president of Hehe information FanJie, senior vice president of digital library technology, presented the fruitful results of the development of Shanghai's big data industry from different perspectives

a round table discussion on smart cities under the digital transformation enabled by big data was also held at the meeting, and sub forums were held around the development and innovation of "credit big data + new technology" enabled industries, financial technology enabled inclusive financial innovation, and big data enabled digital health care

all relevant committees and bureaus of Shanghai, all districts, member units of big data alliance, representatives of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, industry experts, media partners and other guests attended the summit

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