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The num 1050 cnc

num1o50 system specially designed for high-speed cutting is designed for the following high-performance machine tools: rigid tapping, precise feedback, high-speed contour milling, high-speed machining center, machine tool with linear motor, double spindle lathe, turning center and ultra precision lathe, flexible transmission machine tool, high-efficiency woodworking machine tool, grinding center, tool grinder, gear hobbing and gear grinding machine tool, etc

the full digital num1050 system consists of num1050cnc, high-performance mdlu and mbld drive modules, spindle modules, and feed and spindle motors

num1050 is an open and powerful system. It has many outstanding characteristics: excellent speed and precision performance; Ensure the best contour tracking and surface quality; Full compatibility with num1020/1040/1060cnc, all applications and development software in these CNC can be directly transferred to num1050; Increased the sense of safety of operation; Integration of PC panel and computer; Compact size and simplified wiring; The software developed by the user can be easily transplanted to the system

an integrated, compact and complete cnc/servo drive system

discnt composed of num1050cnc and digital servo drive, with high-resolution encoder, high-frequency sampling period and high-speed serial interface

num1050cnc can control up to 12 digital axes and spindles, 3 axis groups, and 3 hand wheels or grating rulers can be connected. It can also control three independent analog axes or spindles, such as for tool magazine, turntable, etc

num1050cnc contains a large PLC with up to 336 i/o points

num1050cnc can flexibly select a variety of panels according to its needs. PC panel with lcd/tft display in the model of pressure tester, digital display of electric lead screw, pressure tester, with floppy drive and hard disk, connected with CNC through high-speed synchronous interface, 50 key operation panel with 22.86cm (9in) single display or 25.4cm (10In) color display, CRT or LCD; Operation panel with QWERTY keyboard and 35.56cm (14In) CRT color display; Machine panel; Compact panel

one num1050cnc machine tool can be controlled by four panels or four CNC machines share one panel

numdrive has two types of digital drives; Mdlu module for shafts and spindles and spindle drive mbld with regenerative braking option. These servos are connected with CNC through sbce digital bus, and can control servo shaft and spindle motor with high-resolution encoder or resolver, as well as high-speed motorized spindle and linear motor

outstanding ability to improve machine tool performance

num1050 is a multi processor CNC with outstanding real-time processing ability and improved work efficiency. The path generation and following every 2ms and the position ring refresh cycle of 0.2ms ensure the geometric accuracy and surface quality of the workpiece

intelligent CNC algorithm

the pre algorithm of high-precision contour velocity and acceleration ensures zero error path following

quadrant changing speed error compensation when entering a new image limit, speed compensation is performed due to the change of axis direction to reduce the following error

incremental acceleration control the incremental acceleration (sin law) makes the movement smoother

spline and multinomial or interpolation spline and multinomial or interpolation provide a smooth curve path without break points in space, and the accuracy of curve radius ensures a good smoothing speed

pretreatment function: the processing speed can be adjusted in advance according to the analyzed part program to adapt to the difficulties that may be encountered in the processing path, such as great changes in direction, especially small radius, etc

fast, precise and accurate servo control

fast positioning 32-bit CPU speed loop width is 100Hz, while the 64 bit CPU bandwidth of num1050 is 260hz, which improves the positioning speed

the precision servo control has 5 times the accuracy compared with other CNC, ensuring the surface accuracy of the machined parts

accurate measuring motor can be equipped with rotary transformer or high-precision encoder, which can be incremental or absolute (4096 cycles, 4million points per cycle)

security improvements

on num1050, the inconvenience caused by connection, commissioning and maintenance has been greatly reduced. At the same time, the new functions also provide a better guarantee for the safety of operators

cnc and servo can be adjusted through PC panel or an external panel by running the software under 1 ws of windo and Aramco, a Saudi oil giant. The graphical settool supports the following functions: automatic unloading of servo motor and encoder parameters; The best setting (time and frequency setting) is carried out by the built-in oscilloscope; Setting and dynamic monitoring of physical quantities, such as current, speed, position, etc; Simplify machine monitoring with alarm records (the last 128 alarms can be stored); Modification of servo parameters

the all digital system simplifies the connection, reduces the number of plugs, and improves the reliability of the whole system

the use of high-resolution encoder increases the following advantages: zero return adjustment is canceled; The limit switch is canceled during absolute measurement; Sinusoidal type incremental measuring elements can be directly connected to the system

cut off the power supply through the protection relay integrated in each servo unit to make the motor in inertia state; The temperature monitoring of the motor and servo can be suspended in the error state by the OEM setting system; Automatic tool return in case of power failure; Compensate the load of the unbalanced shaft; Check the consistency of motor encoder and additional encoder measurement

num CNC's user-friendly open interface

num1050 can still use the part program, fixed cycle and PLC program prepared for num1020, 1040 and 1060cnc

part programming, friendly and convenient

auxiliary programming tool auxiliary graphic contour design profil; ISO or conversational PROCAM programming with automatic machining surface state calculation; Graph scaling and tool path simulation

fixed cycle fixed cycle can be provided by ISO or conversational PROCAM programming, or it can be compiled by itself

special function (customized function)

dynamic operation is a tool software, which can directly process the motion and input/output of the shaft in real time with simple operation instructions. The cycle of dynamic operation and the macro instructions of the machine tool can be integrated into the CNC

customized g instructions can modify existing fixed cycles or add new fixed cycles due to other requirements

structural programming structural programming character variables make complex programs easy to read and understand

customized man-machine dialogue function

mmitool software runs in Windows environment and is mainly used to create the man-machine interface of numcnc. It can link through internal graphic library or customized graphic library, compile its own characteristic man-machine interface, and use Asian languages. MMI can be divided into the following types for use:; Programming, editing, operation, etc. These compiled pages can be directly transmitted to CNC. It is difficult to recycle such waste plastics

pc function: num105cnc with PC panel and floppy drive enters the computer world and supports end users (human-computer interface, application program, cad/CAM) and machine tool manufacturers (auxiliary maintenance tools, machine tool monitoring, etc.) to directly run num software under windows

servo motor series with high dynamic performance and precision

vector control and high-resolution position measurement ensure high-quality rotation at low speed and excellent position accuracy. The combination of digital and analog servo provides greater flexibility in model selection

digital servo mdlu general servo module and mbld spindle servo module series servo are designed to control num servo and spindle motor, as well as linear motor and high-speed motorized spindle

digital and analog servo mdlA analog servo can be combined with mdlu digital servo. MDLS servo is used to control the analog spindle, with optional regenerative braking, and can provide power for the mdlu module

num servo motor num provides a wide range of motors with high dynamic performance. It can be equipped with a high-resolution incremental or absolute encoder (to avoid the stress concentration of 4096 turns caused by twists and turns), and it can also use a resolver

incoming shaft motor BMH motor; Motors for full series applications (0.5 ~ 100N · m); BMG motor; Motors for large inertia applications; BML motor; Small size motor

compact asynchronous motor AMS with wide speed range under constant power of spindle motor; Flexible motorized spindle

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