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Talk about the current situation of the paint market. Minority brands have bucked the trend. One third of 2017 has passed since May 9, 2017. A number of coating data in 2016 have been released. 3. The comprehensive data of slag Portland cement, pozzolanic Portland cement and fly ash Portland cement are enough to show the overview of the coating market in 2016, as well as the coating market in 2017

in 2016, the annual output of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in China's coating industry reached 18.9978 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 7.2%; The year-on-year growth rate was higher than that in 2015 (the cumulative output of coatings in China in 2015 was 17.1757 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 4.2%)

at present, the financial statements of public enterprises in the iron and steel industry (some of them) with serious excess capacity are as follows:

ppg14.75 billion US dollars; Xuanwei US $11.86 billion; AkzoNobel 15.06 billion US dollars; Nippon 4.42 billion US dollars; Aishide coating is USD 4.07 billion...

the top domestic coating enterprises (involving coating business) are: Yeshi chemical is RMB 7.887 billion; Dongfang Yuhong 7.011 billion yuan; Chongqing Three Gorges 930million yuan; Jinlitai 790million yuan; FeiKai materials: RMB 391million; Shanghai Xinyang 417million yuan; Jilen Hi Tech Co., Ltd. has 318million yuan... And so on. There are still a large number of powerful enterprises that have not made public financial statements (including Yashi Chuang Neng, etc., which has just been publicized and listed)

are these data enthusiastic? Think the whole coating industry is still booming? Business opportunities? Is the market promising? Yes, the sun is booming, there are a lot of business opportunities, and the market is still promising! But that depends on who. These first-line brands that are at the forefront of the industry have achieved nearly onebillion or tens of billions. If you only look at the performance of the above list, it is really very beautiful! But in fact, domestic non hundred million coating enterprises are more like mole ants. The value created by first-line brands only represents part of the market of the whole coating industry, and the coaxiality of the spindle axis and the lifting screw axis of these brand enterprises is too poor to represent the whole industry

silent majority

although they are not very famous, the brands that fill every corner of the market are the "silent majority" of the coating industry. For those who are silent, 2016 (or even the next 2017) will be the most difficult period in history. Surrounded by the rising sound of coating raw materials and the heavy weight of environmental protection, they can no longer take the ride of the overall growth of the industry, and can no longer rely on the dividends of the white coating industry. The market share is becoming smaller and smaller, and fewer and fewer businesses can stay. They are even at a loss what to do: why am I not changing, but getting worse day by day

the reality is so cruel that unchanged means wrong. There is no new product R & D ability that meets the market environmental protection level, there is no time to keep pace with the times, there is no long-term stable technical master, there is no way to start with personalized customized products, there is no way to start with service transformation, and the brand is more and more difficult to support because it thinks that it is difficult to manage outdoor plane advertising, blindly cut into the brand image endorsed by stars, and wander around indefinitely without deep-seated marketing promotion

it's not that business is difficult to do, but that your business is difficult to do. What's the problem? The market is growing, but most domestic brands are complaining. So, in addition to the share taken away by a large number of domestic and foreign giants, who occupied most of the remaining market share

the changing trend of the coating market in recent years

with the surrounding environmental protection policy gradually launched in China, "oil retreats and water advances" has helped the development momentum of water-based environmental protection coatings; On this basis, the consumption upgrading of the market has also risen from the traditional white wall to the urgent demand for personalized custom art painting, especially in the past two years

from the innovation of raw materials to the transformation and breakthrough of technical coating, water-based coatings and art coating have spawned a large number of small enterprises that are good at capturing business changes, actively positioning their brands, identifying their differentiated brand values in the market and daring to innovate in markets all over the country

not long ago, Chenyang water paint, the largest automatic production line of all water paint in Asia, was invested and built in Hebei, with an overall planned production capacity of 1.375 million tons. It specializes in the field of water paint and is more proficient in online and offline marketing. It has attracted 180000 fans from single Internet we media, far surpassing @ Nippon China (70000 fans) and second only to @ Dulux (190000 fans). Water paint products, environmental protection products, will be the long-term development plan of the coating industry in the future. Seize this tuyere and start the rudder

Ji Ren Le makeup created an "Internet + happiness" home makeup customization service organization in 2015. The launch of "tear and enjoy home" hand tear coating, playing with the DIY concept of "light home decoration fashion", has enabled dull coating products to change consumers' rigid concept of traditional coatings through "coating", and narrowed the distance between their own brands and young consumers. It is understood that jirenle cosmetics brand is particularly popular in Shanghai and Beijing. It is believed that in a short time, this energetic young brand will push waves of fashion heat waves across the country

the Italian brand tasani, which entered China in 2015, recently invested RMB 50 million to build an art coating production and R & D base covering an area of more than 30 mu. So far, it is the largest art coating production base in China and the largest all-round exhibition hall of art coating in China. In today's era of personalized customization consumption, grasping the art coating is the core development direction of the market

another noteworthy young brand, linjiazuo, was established in 2004. With precise market goals, it focuses on the field of comprehensive service market for back home decoration. It is precisely because it has opened a new path, focused on the comprehensive service market for back home decoration, avoided homogeneous competition and refined target groups. Ross van royen, who is gradually becoming the senior market manager of controlled products of teknor apex TPE business unit in Guangdong Pearl River Delta, pointed out: "The key to extrusion blow molding is to control the bright dark horse brands in the area of parison wall thickness.

the growth of niche brands against the trend has become a reality of undercurrent.

there are money losing brands everywhere, but some of these niche brands, you can't even see their large-scale advertising at all, and it's difficult to see their presence in the public channels. However, they can really be called" making a fortune with a dull voice ", It is popular in a small group that you don't know at all. It doesn't show mountains and dew. It makes a lot of money

in the seemingly difficult market environment, such niche brands with distinctive personalities are attacking the current paint market like Xu Shiji

the paint market, which used to be very messy due to homogenization, is emerging from these niche brands and gradually divided into distinct circles

the fact that many conservative brands do not want to change is that niche brands with distinctive personality and high cost performance will gradually replace traditional mid-range brands with segmentation mode and circle culture

in recent years, traditional channel providers have had a hard time. It doesn't matter. It will be even harder in the future

at a time when information is so symmetrical, getting rid of traditional channels means flexible sales methods, which is the most suitable choice for the development of niche products that pursue individuality and cost performance. Niche brands also have new channel providers, but their essence is completely different. They serve niche consumer groups at a deeper level, because the satisfaction of individual needs must have deeper services

in history, there has never been such a dramatically changing business era. Every consumer and producer is redefining themselves, and new clues have been shown to us

so this is the best time. The golden age of niche market has risen. This is also the worst time. The alarm bell of traditional and conservative brands has begun to ring. In this era, we should either follow the trend and set sail; Or be indifferent and sink to the bottom

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