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From HEMA fresh to super species, and then to no shelf, new retail samples continue to emerge locally, which makes people begin to realize that the development direction of new retail in the future will be to shape the competitiveness with user experience as the core. In the kitchen appliance industry, new retail is also fermenting. Cohen kitchen appliances, the top ten brands of kitchen appliances, has interpreted a new one-stop intelligent overall kitchen shopping experience with the continuous improvement of a full range of kitchen appliances. From July 15 to 29, the "2018 new product launch benefit" of Cohen appliances was grandly launched across the country. In this gratitude and feedback activity, Cohen presented the full range of kitchen electrical products it had created with its ingenuity to consumers in the form of ultra-low discounts and multiple surprises, so that consumers could truly feel the innovation of Cohen's one-stop smart kitchen shopping experience, thus completing a new interpretation from brand potential to sales momentum under the new retail tide

based on the concept of creating value for consumers, Cohen kitchen appliances launched the "2018 new product launch benefit" feedback activity to interact deeply with consumers, effectively enhance brand stickiness, bring three-dimensional breakthroughs in brand, product, marketing and other aspects to Cohen's development, and establish brand marketing characteristics. Since its establishment for more than 9 years, Cohen kitchen appliances has continuously attracted the attention of consumers with its perfect product categories, high product quality and considerate whole process service, accumulated a large number of loyal brand fans and established brand awareness. In addition, online and offline, the whole network layout of the advertising strategy, directly targeting the precise audience, strong coverage of the target population. Frequent brand actions have rapidly increased the exposure of the brand and made Cohen's brand more and more concerned. Bringing a high degree of customer and fan participation is the embodiment of Cohen's brand interaction

it is reported that the 2018 new product launch of Cohen offers benefits, which are directly supplied by manufacturers, linked by thousands of stores, and five discounts, so that you can buy high-quality Cohen full range kitchen appliances with less money. Huiyi: there is a gift on the code. Customers can scan the QR code and go into the store to get a summer sunshade, which is on a first come, first served basis and only after delivery; Huier: directly provided by the manufacturer, special price: you can rush to buy the LCD flat-panel cigarette set (cigarette machine + stove) for only 1980 yuan, special price 2: you can rush to buy a Cohen integrated stove for only 4980 yuan; Huisan: rush to buy new products, rush to buy a popular steamer D22, get a jsq232-12kn21 gas water heater worth 4240 yuan; Hui Si: Thank you for your feedback. Regular customers buy integrated stoves (except special prices), add 1 yuan to get a kn105 water purifier worth 1680 yuan, add 500 yuan to get a kn9 electric water heater or 10kn8 gas water heater worth 1960 yuan, and add 800 yuan to get a kn-102 mobile water bar worth 5900 yuan; Huiwu: the factory gives gifts. During the activity, you can participate in the lucky lottery with a consumption of more than 3000 yuan, and grab the luxury gift for free once. You can participate in the lucky lottery with a consumption of more than 6000 yuan, and grab the luxury gift for free twice, and so on. The top is not capped

driven by consumption upgrading, users have a higher level of demand for products, which requires enterprises to continue to innovate and improve in the fierce market competition. At the same time, it also requires enterprises to shoulder more social responsibilities and help the benign development of the market. Only by shouldering social responsibilities can enterprises flourish





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