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Now, the post-90s generation, who are slowly supporting half of the talent market, have reached the age of marriage. They have gradually become the main spending force in home shopping malls. Unlike the older generation who put practicality at the top of the list, the post-90s have more new ideas and concepts in the era of Internet information explosion. Faced with such changes in the market, Guanhao door and window editor advocates that the aluminum alloy door and window profession should pay attention to the following trends to fit in with the post-90s spending outlook and compete for more interests

innovation promotion play slip

the post-90s are mostly heavy mobile phone users. Nowadays, new media is booming, and aluminum alloy door and window companies should also keep up with the trend. Some companies use wechat to "grab red envelopes" to find gold coupons, promote brands, and expand spending groups. Some companies take the road of literature and art, and hold promotional theme activities in combination with music and art. The attraction of traditional discount, lottery and full reduction promotion methods to consumers has been reduced, but it is not completely eliminated

aluminum alloy door and window companies can use the network, contacts and new media to change the previous promotion methods, and expand shopping malls through cash coupons, lottery and other methods on e-commerce platforms and wechat, which can attract the hobbies of post-90s consumers, accelerate the communication speed and improve shopping interests

smart home is popular

while traditional doors and windows account for a large share of shopping malls, new smart home is also emerging. Among the household spending groups, young people are significantly more tolerant of smart homes than the average. They are more willing to pay more money for the additional functions of intelligent goods

aluminum alloy doors and windows with high technology are gradually sought after by young people. Aluminum alloy doors and windows companies can also seize this cake that has not been completely divided and invest appropriate funds in development. If we can do a good job in commodity quality control and provide excellent after-sales service, we believe that in the future intelligent days of the post-90s, in addition to the frequent emergence of intelligent sweeping robots and contact switch desk lamps, intelligent aluminum alloy doors and windows will also be more and more popular

the niche road ensures safety

as far as the current development of domestic e-commerce is concerned, the profits from price war will be thinner and thinner. Aluminum alloy door and window companies must take the niche road if they want to develop. Unlike the post-60s and Post-70s, they like Chinese and European decorative types with complex and exaggerated carving. "Post-90s" prefer modern and refined decorative features, and their home is comfortable as the top condition. With the prevalence of flattening in the planning industry, everyone's aesthetics has gradually become de textured and de jumbled, and the home will be more concise and generous at a glance. When it comes to the profession of aluminum alloy doors and windows, the products of aluminum alloy doors and windows with precise characteristics will naturally be more popular with them. Therefore, in the planning of aluminum alloy doors and windows, the company may start towards youth, simplicity, characteristics and so on. Only by subdividing shopping malls, studying the cost characteristics of each different group, matching their likes and satisfying their needs can we ensure the development of the brand

the tendency of the post-90s to spend on home furnishings will cause a new round of in-depth innovation in aluminum alloy door and window companies. Facing this brand-new shopping mall, whether the post-90s generation can bite the big cake is a new opportunity and challenge for the aluminum alloy door and window profession. Just choose the operation and service methods that are suitable for the new collective habits and methods of spending, and the aluminum alloy door and window company will be able to pioneer a new development path





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