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Color matching is the first element of clothing matching, and so is home decoration. When considering dressing up to love home, there should be an overall color scheme at the beginning, so as to determine the decoration color and the choice of furniture and home accessories

if you can use colors harmoniously, you can dress up your love home more freely

black + white + grey = eternal classic: black and white can create a strong visual effect, and the popular grey in recent years is integrated into it to alleviate the visual conflict between black and white, thus creating another different flavor. The space matched with the three colors is full of cool modern and future feeling. In this color situation, rationality, order and professionalism will emerge from simplicity

the popular "Zen" style in recent years shows the primary color, pays attention to environmental protection, and uses colorless color matching methods to show the natural feeling of hemp, yarn, coconut and other materials. It is a very modernist natural and simple style

Silver Blue + Dunhuang orange = modern + traditional: the color matching based on blue and orange shows the intersection of modern and traditional, ancient and modern, and collides with the visual experience of both surreal and retro flavor. Blue and orange originally belong to a strong contrast color system, but there are some changes in the chromaticity of both sides, so that these two colors can give space a new life

blue + white = romantic warmth: ordinary people at home, do not dare to try too bold colors, think it is safer to use white. If you like to use white and are afraid of making your home like a hospital, you might as well use the color matching of white + blue. Just like on the island of Greece, all houses are white, and the ceilings, and streets are all painted with white lime, showing a pale tone

but the sky is light blue, and the sea is dark blue. It shows the coolness and flawlessness of white. Such white makes people feel very free, as if it belongs to nature. It makes people open-minded, and the home space seems to be as open and free as nature with the same color of sea and sky

if you want to create such a Mediterranean style, you must limit the things in your home, such as furniture, home accessories, curtains, etc., to one color system. Only in this way can we have a sense of unity. For those who yearn for blue sea and blue sky, white and blue are the best match for your home life

Yellow + Green = joy of Freshmen: in the residential space of relatively young people, using goose yellow with purple blue or light green is a good color scheme

goose yellow is a fresh and fresh color, which represents the joy of new life. It is the most suitable color for home with a small baby at home

if green is the tone that makes people feel calm inside, it can neutralize the light pleasure of yellow and stabilize the space. Therefore, this color matching method is very suitable for young couples





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