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Do you always imagine that your home is an elegant, fresh and leisurely beautiful manor. Blue and white colors, beautiful cloth clothes, and the simple texture of natural wood and stone, yes, this is the impression of the Mediterranean style. Next, the Mediterranean style decoration case of three bedrooms and two halls in Caihong town of aerospace, which Xiaobian wants to recommend for you, may be the look of your dream home. The owner in this case is a petty bourgeoisie who likes the seaside very much, but her busy work makes her unable to stay at the seaside every day, so she makes her home Mediterranean style. Come and see what the home made of 170000 is like

decoration owner's files:

Community: Aerospace Rainbow Town (more decoration renderings of aerospace Rainbow Town) house type: three bedrooms and two halls decoration style: Mediterranean style decoration method: half package contract amount: 50000-100000 decoration company: Jinfuyuan decoration

Design Description: to avoid roughness and ice chill, so add French pastoral style, yellow, green and blue, can you think of the scene of fertile and bumper harvest of the land? The simplified curl curve and exquisite decoration of furniture also reflect the elegant rural life

the porch is divided into the functional area of the porch by two specially customized free doors. The arc-shaped high-low shoe cabinet can be used as a shoe changing stool

is it cute to put a small decoration on the false windowsill? Put a basin on the back of the false window, and you can see green plants poking out when you enter the door ~ the painted chest of drawers is an online shopping appearance orphan, 680, old, super tasty

the sofa was first seen, but it was not decided until the decoration was over. I still decided to mix and match it! Two groups of sofas, tea tables, and newspaper shelves were purchased from Carson's home, a furniture in East China furniture. I love her family's furniture very much, which is similar to the style of Meike Meijia, but the price advantage is obvious

carpets are bought from furniture in East China. They are handmade all wool. They feel super good when you step on them in winter! The sofa background originally wanted to buy a van Gogh oil painting. When buying a carpet, I accidentally found this tapestry with a hook. I took it immediately

ceiling fan lamp is also essential for Mediterranean mixed with French pastoral style (picture)! I originally wanted to buy online, but I found that the price of Oriental Lighting is also very good, 390. It's really comfortable to eat with a ceiling fan in early summer

there was originally a small balcony in the north of the restaurant, but the depth was only 50 cm. I didn't think it was very efficient, so I transformed it into a floating window with a row of storage cabinets below

love at first sight solid wood integral cabinet, completely Mediterranean mixed with French pastoral style (picture)

the original bedroom door was on the side of the TV wall in the living room. In order to create a complete background wall, the direction of the bedroom door was changed, but a locker was made in the original position. It is very practical to put quilts and the like

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