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The water and electricity lines at home are aging, and some even have potential safety hazards. All kinds of newly added lockers have different styles, and the accessories also look old At this time, the second decoration is very necessary. The so-called second decoration refers to the second decoration of the love home where you have lived for many years to make it look new. Recently, Ms. Zhang, who lives in Xuhui District, Shanghai, asked us how to carry out the secondary decoration, so as to not only get the final effect you want, but also ensure that there are no problems, and realize the secondary decoration to save money and worry? After investigation, the editor gave Ms. Zhang and all her friends who were preparing for the second decoration the following tips:

first of all, it is an effective way to replace Aijia with different colors and upgrade the furniture rapidly. For furniture with large volume such as wardrobe, it is not suitable to change too much in color because of the design positioning of the room space. It is suggested to choose a color suitable for home design in the original color system. Add fresh elements to your home

in addition, furniture colors usually match the space design style. New Chinese interior design with dark furniture such as dark red and brown; The color of modern style is relatively broad. In contrast, elegant fabrics with classical patterns are more suitable for the living room of the elderly

1. Reshape the Outline: for some old-fashioned buildings, its floor height is usually relatively high, so the entire upper space of the room should be made good use of. At this time, the chandelier becomes very important: the long and drooping chandelier can not only become the focus of the space, but also have the feeling of lengthening the effect and exaggerating the floor height. It is also a good way to arrange some suspensions with the characteristics of the times, such as antique ceiling fans, hanging curtains, wall lamps and large pictures. The interior space outline produced by old-fashioned buildings is also a rare part. You can use these classic outline spaces to create some special pictures to make your home full of charm

2. Wall reconstruction: for owners who expect to change the house type through secondary decoration, wall reconstruction is the most effective method. It is recommended to move the wall structure less in general. If the wall is really unsatisfactory in structure and the space needs to be re integrated, we must pay attention not to dismantle the load-bearing wall, nor to make holes or open doors in the load-bearing wall at will, which will bring extremely serious hidden dangers. If the original wall has been very reasonable, then in the secondary decoration, you can use wall paint, wallpaper or wallpaper to give the wall a new face, and this will also save a lot of expenses

3. Change water and electricity: in the secondary decoration, water and electricity transformation is not only the most basic part, but also the most critical part. In terms of materials, most of the waterways of the houses decorated in the early years used galvanized pipes, aluminum-plastic pipes and other materials, and water leakage occurred from time to time. Now, with the upgrading of materials, these pipes have begun to be gradually discarded. At present, most home decoration companies use plastic steel pipes. In the secondary decoration, we can just take this opportunity to provide aging water pipes " Change guns for guns "e;. The aging wires and illegal wiring in the old house can also be replaced and reconstructed through secondary decoration. Before decoration, we should carefully understand the laying direction, location and pipe diameter of residential water and electricity pipelines, and communicate with the home decoration company about the transformation plan

4. Home accessories: home accessories are a very important part of secondary decoration. Before moving in, you might as well stand in an empty room and begin to imagine what kind of sofa the shadow of the window frame will lie on in the future? Where can I put a few small sculptures in the bathroom? These fantasies can help you create unexpected beautiful pictures and artistic conception for your old house

the decoration of old houses seems simple, but in fact, they face more problems, and the overall changes are relatively large. In addition to the final effect, some old houses are old, and personal safety should be paid more attention to when decorating. In addition, the designer reminded that redecorating will not save time and money, so in order to avoid the third decoration in the future, you can plan for the future as carefully as possible during the second decoration. Such as beds and sofas can be bought as well as possible. If the economy is not abundant during the second decoration, you can choose a simple decoration style to avoid the waste in the future, because when you decide to carry out the third decoration one day, most things will be knocked out and start over again





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