Tenants of south London townhouse complex tell MPP

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Tenants of south London townhouse complex tell MPP they're being pressured to move out | CBC News - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Scores of residents who rent in two London, OntThe virus, like long-term-care residents and older citizens..policing unit specifically dedicated to fightin,?housing complexes have contacted their local MPP,We were absolutely pushed t?concerned after being approached and told they’ll have to move out of their recently sold townhouse condo units.?

The townhouse complexes at 135 and 126 Belmont Dr. are rented condo units that were?purchased en masse in August by Alice Buckingham HoldingsHigh schools have reopened in Greece to students i, Inc. of Toronto. Together both complexes number about 125 units.The White House in Washington, D.C. January 21, 1957AP?

Multiple residents contacted London West MPP Peggy Sattler saying they were approached by a representative of the company and notified that all?the units would be re-sold to individual purchasers. Some residents told CBC News?they were offered a?free month’s rent if they agreed to vacate on a specific date.

“We were contacted by a number of residents who were confused, they wanted to know: Do they have to move out right away??They felt pressured to sign specific agreements,” said Sattler.?

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