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Among DXD series automatic packaging machines, HOLLIAS

1. Overview

HOLLIAS LEC G3 series programmable controller is a new generation of high-performance PLC launched by Hangzhou hollys Automation Co., Ltd. but suddenly announced in September 2015 that it would not be built. This series of products are completely independently designed and developed by Hollysys company. It fully integrates the latest development achievements of computer technology, communication technology, electronic technology and automatic control technology, and comprehensively absorbs the technical essence of many automation technology and application experts in the field of PLC for many years, including scheme design, hardware selection, software function, network communication The user interface and other aspects fully consider the user's usage habits and the characteristics of the application site. It is a high-performance and high-quality PLC product

DXD series packaging machines are widely used in the measurement and control system of granular and open-source instruments such as food, medicine, cosmetics, chemical industry, tea, seeds, etc. the controller hytestv6.0 developed with the world's more advanced 32-bit ARM technology is adopted This controller is based on 32-bit arm platform for packaging sheet, powder and semi fluid materials

the DXD full-automatic packaging machine controlled by HOLLIAS LEC G3 PLC is a multi-purpose automatic packaging machine composed of electromechanical integration, photoelectric detection and stepping motor. The machine integrates the packaging processes such as feeding, bag making, filling, sealing and cutting. It is tracked by the electric eye, controlled by PLC and corrected by stepless speed change, so as to ensure the stability of the length of the packaging bag and beautiful graphics

2. System introduction

dxd full-automatic packaging machine requires feeding, bag making, filling, sealing and cutting. Because wood plastic composites are processed from various waste plastics and waste wood, cutting and tearing are completed automatically. The packaging speed and bag making length can be adjusted, and the measurement is accurate, which meets the industry standards. The machine has the characteristics of stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, and high efficiency

according to the process requirements, the control scheme of DXD full-automatic packaging machine is designed to be composed of man-machine interface operation system, bag pulling control system, bag making control system, paper feeding control system, electric eye control system and feeding metering control system

3. System composition

hollias-lec G3 series PLC can be combined from 14 points to 264 points, which is very easy to expand elastically, and it can also expand 56 analog input and output points. The output part can choose relay and transistor output models, and the power supply form can choose AC input or DC input

the core of DXD automatic packaging machine is to use PLC for automatic control of the whole process, and there are two most critical executive parts - the coordinated operation of two stepping motors, so HOLLiAS-LEC G3 series lm3108 is selected as the core part of the whole control system. HOLLiAS-LEC G3 transistor series PLC has two pulse outputs on each CPU except ordinary Di, do, AI and AO points, and its maximum output frequency can reach 20kHz, which can just fully control the two stepping motors with a maximum of 4kHz on the packaging machine

lm3108 has 24 input points, 12 output points and 2 high-speed pulse output points. Lm3108 also integrates two independent serial communication ports. Port0 adopts RS232 physical standard and port1 is RS485 port. It can not only connect the touch screen controlled locally, but also communicate with the upper computer at the same time. And each port contains three different communication protocols: Standard MODBUS slave protocol in RTU format, free protocol and special protocol

4. System design

for the bag pulling control system, the frequency, bag length, bag cutting interval and other parameters of the bag pulling stepping motor can be set through the touch screen. The data can be saved for a long time, and there is a power failure holding function, so that the package count value will not be lost in case of power failure. The system also has speed and overspeed detection functions, which is convenient for debugging and calculating output

for the feeding metering control system, the frequency, number of turns, running curve, etc. can also be set through the touch screen, with 9 running curves to adapt to different loads. The system is easy to operate and easy to use

the ladder diagram used for position control, soft start and speed control is as follows:

5. Conclusion

the biggest feature of localized PLC is that it is most suitable for China's national conditions. The whole system fully refers to the habits of Chinese people, which is most suitable for Chinese engineering development, Chinese system design, Chinese hardware configuration and Chinese software programming. PLC programming software adopts powerpro software that represents the latest development trend of software and fully conforms to IEC international standards. The software has five programming languages: Il, LD, FBD, SFC and St, and the five programming languages can be mixed for programming, and some programming languages can be converted to each other. Powerpro has offline simulation function and can customize function blocks, which greatly facilitates software programming and program debugging. Compared with the traditional PLC programming software, powerpro not only has the superior characteristics of the traditional PLC programming software, but also injects some modern software object-oriented development concepts, which makes the program development simple and fast, makes it easier for the new technical personnel who learn PLC programming to start, but also easy to develop more complex and stable programs. In addition, powerpro also provides a very convenient debugging environment, which makes the debugging of the program that can turn off the buzzer more convenient, and greatly shortens the development cycle of the program

after a long time of debugging and production experiments, lm3108 has been applied in DXD automatic packaging machine. The successful operation of the system on the packaging machine shows that HOLLIAS LEC G3 series small integrated PLC has perfect functions and reliable performance. It is an excellent representative of Small PLC. It has the remarkable characteristics of advanced, economic, practical, reliable and flexible. It not only improves the safety and economy of the system, but also greatly improves the flexibility of the system, and provides flexible solutions for the different needs of different customers

source: China industrial control

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