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"Dynamic China, dynamic Lingke" Lingke inverter prize essay solicitation activity

"dynamic China, dynamic Lingke" Lingke inverter prize essay solicitation activity

Lingke inverter has been approved by senior experts from all walks of life since it was put on the market In order to express our respect and jointly promote the progress and development of China's inverter industry, Beijing Lingke inverter held this "dynamic China, dynamic Lingke" prize essay solicitation activity. The specific requirements are as follows:

first, the theme of the manuscript

application scheme of frequency converter: introduce the application cases of frequency converter in various industries, and focus on the technical process, electrical requirements, development prospects, support technology, investment benefit analysis, etc. of various models in the application industry

converter technology discussion: from an academic point of view, comment on the deficiencies and defects found in the product design, appearance, technical principle and application process of Lingke converter. Make academic comments on Lingke inverter

II. Manuscript content

1stern has been developing polymers for the friction and wear utilization of automotive systems in the past five years. The submission requires fluent language and clear views, and clarifies the application background, problems, solutions, system technology, use effect, application experience, etc., with system configuration drawings or on-site photos attached

2. give the title, summary, keywords, model and process description (system control content and functional requirements, system composition and solution). The number of manuscripts should be more than 1800 words, with pictures and texts

In the long run

3. Technical articles give abstracts, keywords, etc. according to the paper format, and give necessary references, and mark them with corner marks in the text

4. give a brief introduction of the author, including: name, gender, date of birth, professional and technical titles

III. submission method

1. E-mail to @

2 Print on A4 paper. Mail to: room a, Yuntong international commercial building, No. 57, East Street, Fengtai District, Beijing, received by Miss Zhang of Beijing Zhongda Lingke Electric Technology Co., Ltd. (Marketing Department), zip code: 100071

: transfer 601

IV. the time of submission is from now on to December 30, 2007. Please indicate the word "solicitation" for contributions

v. prize setting

1. First prize: a laptop worth 8000 yuan

2. Second prize: a laptop worth 5000 yuan

3. Ten third prize winners: a beautiful gift worth 300 yuan

2016 M2 data is 149 trillion 6. Warm tips

1. All manuscripts are required to be original, and plagiarism is strictly prohibited, otherwise, the award-winning qualification will be canceled, and the relevant responsibilities will be borne by yourself

2. Once all the participating manuscripts are hired or awarded, the company has the right to use the manuscripts. If the microcomputer has strong functions, it can print them directly

3. The company has the final right to interpret this activity

Beijing Zhongda Lingke Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

October 13, 2006

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