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Brief analysis: development status and trend of mining equipment

it is understood that at the Symposium on the 30th anniversary of China sandstone Association, relevant experts widely used in biomedical and industrial fields and pointed out three major goals for the development of surface sandstone industry: first, save resources and develop machine-made sand. At present, the output of natural sand and machine-made sand accounts for 50% respectively. With the reduction of natural sand resources and meeting the needs of environmental protection, "the future trend is to develop machine-made sand.". Secondly, we should seek benefits from technology and go deep into industrial construction. Leading enterprises in the sand and gravel industry must have made great achievements in industrialized operation, equipment mechanization level, automation degree and so on. Once again, extend the sand and gravel industry chain and increase the added value of products. The extension of the sand and gravel industry is connected at two ends, moving up the direction of mining hammer crusher manufacturers, and developing towards machinery and processing manufacturing; Moving down to commercial concrete and buildings, there is a lot of space upstream and downstream

sand and stone enterprises, like other industries, will also have different quality. In addition to the imperfect enterprise management mechanism, there are also problems such as uneven quality of production equipment, non-standard production procedures, and no guarantee of safety in the production process. The existence of these problems is an important factor restricting the development and growth of the sand and stone industry. If they are not standardized, it is bound to affect the development of the construction industry, And even the economic development of the whole country

now the mining machinery market is facing several development priorities

the first is the innovation of crusher products. After the development in 2011, with high load control accuracy, more and more manufacturers have sprung up in the mining machinery industry. Some small-scale crusher enterprises blindly follow the production of equipment imitating others, and there is no guarantee of product quality, let alone products with core competitiveness of enterprises, In this way, the enterprise will be submerged in the wave of high economic development and eventually be eliminated. Therefore, if the crusher enterprise wants to make great progress, it must have the core competitiveness of the market and have its own unique products

the second is the large-scale crusher products. The large-scale crusher equipment has been developing towards large-scale since this year. Some large mining plants have higher and higher requirements for output. The crushing equipment with large crushing ratio, high production capacity and high degree of automation is increasingly welcomed by large manufacturers, so the development of large-scale and super large-scale has become the latest development direction of the machinery industry. Sand and stone production equipment is also constantly advancing

sand and stone production equipment can generally include crusher, feeder, sand making machine, vibrating screen, etc., and crusher is the core of the whole sand and stone production process. The existing 34 patents of crusher Nanjing Julong and its subsidiaries are divided into crusher host and wear-resistant spare parts, of which wear-resistant spare parts are the soul of crusher

at present, many small enterprises in China copy various crushing equipment and wear-resistant spare parts in order to make a living, which not only greatly reduces the quality of crushers as a whole, but also restricts the progress of the whole crusher industry High quality crusher products and services are the strongest voice for enterprises to explore the market, and also the most direct expression of enterprise strength and style. As the exporter of crusher products and services, constantly pursuing the improvement of enterprise quality is not only an effective guarantee to meet the growing market demand, but also the ultimate ownership to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

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