The hottest Dutch food packaging machinery market

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The Dutch food packaging machinery market has developed rapidly

in recent years, with the increase of investment in food technology of waste foam granulators and enterprises above the production scope of foam granulators, the Dutch food packaging machinery industry has developed rapidly. In order to promote the competitiveness of packaging machinery in the market, mergers and acquisitions among packaging machinery enterprises in the Netherlands continue, and the integration of packaging enterprises has further consolidated the international status of these enterprises. The packaging industry continues to carry out technological innovation and maintain a close cooperative relationship with international customers. As a result, nearly half of the turnover of enterprises in the Dutch packaging industry comes from export sales. The reduction in the use of packaging raw materials is also one of the important R & D achievements in recent years

at present, the processing machinery in the field of food and meat in the Netherlands has developed into a continuous operation from raw poultry to fresh meat products, automatic mechanization, and the use of microelectronic technology for quality management and control to meet the most stringent standards. Due to the manufacturer's adherence to the high quality of products, the Dutch meat processing machinery manufacturers have 85% of the export market. Netherlands' dairy products are far better than other countries with advanced technology in terms of quality and quantity, and it is the world's largest dairy export country. Dutch dairy produces 1.6 million kilograms of milk annually, 65% of which is for export. Dutch dairy and beverage machinery includes packaging, storage, refrigeration, selection and distribution equipment. The iron triangle composed of animal husbandry, machinery suppliers and academic machinery has created the international status of dairy products in the Netherlands today

the general food processing machinery in the Netherlands, a series of dynamometers with clamps, mainly various fruit thinning and potato processing machinery. Machinery suppliers not only pay attention to the productivity of equipment, but also pay attention to the interactive relationship with environmental protection, so as to meet the market demand of green equipment. In terms of mixed feed machinery, it is mainly processing machinery for shell, pet and fish feed. Not long ago, the outbreak of mad cow disease and swine fever prompted the Dutch industry to accelerate the development of new machinery and technology. Such as sanitation improvement, heating treatment, enzyme addition, energy conservation and so on have become the focus of research and development. The output of mixed feed in the Netherlands is the third in the European Union, and it leads in the prediction and technology of livestock feed

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