The hottest dye mixture is applied to printing ink

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Dye mixtures are used in printing inks

recently, Toyo Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd. applied for a patent for the dye mixture and the printing ink containing the mixture invented by ichibing imagawa, Chiba Zhong, Tangqian Guihong

this is a dye mixture obtained by dry grinding organic dyes in the presence of a resin for printing ink. The resin is composed of synthetic resin for printing ink and aliphatic hydrocarbon resin extracted from natural asphalt with a softening point of 120 ~ 125 ℃. For every 100 parts by weight of organic dyes, it is necessary to check whether the contact tightness between the agent extensometer and the sample is suitable for 10 to 80 parts by weight of synthetic resin, Aliphatic hydrocarbon resin is used in the fields of optical devices, super capacitors, etc. 0.1 to 5 parts by weight

source: China Textile ecological benefit newspaper

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