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High dynamic five axis machining center

the five axis CNC machining center can complete all the machining processes of the workpiece in one clamping, and meet all the machining requirements from rough machining to finish machining. It is suitable for both single piece small batch production and large batch production, reducing processing time and production costs, and improving the production capacity and economy of CNC equipment

users have higher and higher technical requirements for metal processing machine tools, and the market has greater and greater pressure on machine tool manufacturers. Machine tool manufacturers must provide users with high-quality machine tools in the shortest possible time and occupy the market at an economical price. Providing high-quality and economical processing equipment for machine tool users is the current and future development goal of machine tool manufacturers. This goal can be achieved only by increasing production capacity and improving product quality. Therefore, it is required that the experimental center of constant speed loading, constant speed deformation and constant speed displacement in NC drilling milling machine tools and NC machining must be able to complete all machining processes from rough machining to finish machining to polishing in one clamping

Figure 1 the five axis NC machining center with NC rotary table allows the machining of workpieces with complex structure with standard milling cutters

the machining equipment produced by Berthold HERMLE Co., Ltd. meets all the machining requirements from rough machining to finish machining. In the development and production of CNC machine tools, five axis processing technology and technology are integrated. Through modular processing design, the metal processing machine tools become the ideal replacement products of HSC CNC high-speed spindle machine tools. As early as 10 years ago, HERMLE successfully developed c600, C800 and c1200 series CNC machining centers. These CNC machining centers can complete all machining processes of the workpiece in one clamping, that is, five axis simulation machining

innovative machine tool high dynamic drive

five axis high-performance machining centers C 30U and C 40u are new products specially developed for dynamic simulation of five axis machining centers and completion of workpiece milling processing. They are representatives of the new generation of C series machining machines. They can be used not only for small batch production and processing of single workpiece, but also for processing of large batch workpiece. In order to be suitable for completing 5-axis machining tasks, the machine tool adopts a gantry structure, so that the machine tool has the largest processing area in the case of small floor area. The origin of the three main coordinate axes x, y and Z of the machine tool is based on the machining fixture, so that the relative movement distance is kept to a minimum, and the allowable rapid feed speed and cutting speed of the machine tool can reach 60m/min. The acceleration of the machine tool up to 10m/s2 ensures that it can move to the specified position at the fastest speed. The three top mounted main coordinate axes adopt plane dovetail motion guide rails, and the drive system and chip removal system of the machine tool are installed on the vertical side wall. The machine tool manufacturer said that after adopting this configuration, the machine tool has good chip removal performance, so that the processing is not easy to be affected by chips and dirt. The milling spindle of the machine tool can select the most suitable milling spindle within the speed range of 10000r/min ~ 40000 R/min according to the user's requirements. The driving power of milling spindle can be selected from 32kw, torque of 200 nm (20% ED) to 26 kW, torque of 17 nm (40% ED). The most commonly used milling spindle with a speed of 10000 ~ 18000r/min has the best protection performance, and can automatically stop 8mm before the collision point in case of collision danger. Its maximum axial movement stroke is protected by limit pin and electrical limit switch. When collision may occur, the limit switch will automatically cut off the power supply of the control system, so as to stop the whole machine tool. Both C 30U and C 40u machining centers are equipped with torque motors with high dynamic performance. The diameter of the CNC rotary table (Figure 1) is 630mm (C 30U) and 800mm (C 40u). The inclination range of the CNC rotary table is between 30 ° ~ -115 °, providing a very large free space for metal cutting. The allowable load of the rotary workbench is up to 1400KG, and large and heavy workpieces can be clamped on the workbench. When processing the workpiece, the CNC rotary table can be tilted to -15 °, and all surfaces of the workpiece can be processed without rotating the milling head without most of the external concerns being attracted by the fierce anti-corruption of the Communist Party of China

the milling fixture is replaced in a pick up mode. 32 commonly used fixtures can be installed in the fixture library inside the machine tool. If the fixture is replaced frequently in the processing process and the number of fixtures used is relatively large, the additional fixture library can be easily and quickly supplemented to increase the capacity of the machine tool fixture library. To this end, HERMLE company specializes in manufacturing three supplementary fixture libraries. After expanding the standard fixture library, the number of fixtures that can be used by the machine tool can be increased to 43, 87 and 157 (Fig. 2)

Figure 2. The auxiliary fixture library can increase the fixture capacity to 157. The high dynamic five axis milling machining center with less auxiliary time can reduce processing time and production costs

the non production processing time is reduced

the modular design scheme is applicable to both single piece small batch production and mass production

an important sign of the overall processing economy of the workpiece is that the auxiliary time of non cutting processing is less, and there are more process operations carried out simultaneously with machining, thus reducing the total processing time. Most of the machine tool operation time, positioning movement time and automatic movement time carried out in a reasonable order have been effectively optimized and merged at the same time. The modular machine tool automation configuration scheme enables the operator to control the machine tool well in single piece production and mass production, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the machine tool. The modular components of the machine tool, such as multi workpiece clamping fixtures, fixture replacement devices, large rotary fixture libraries and automation devices, have been further standardized in design and configuration. For C 30U and C 40u with appropriate accumulator machining centers in the hydraulic system, the compact automatic loading and unloading mechanism HS 30 can complete the automatic clamping operation of workpieces weighing less than 50 kg under the control of NC program (Fig. 3). This series of machine tools not only use the fixture replacement device and the rotary automatic loading and unloading device to complete the full-automatic loading, but also use the robot to complete the task of clamping multi station processing at one time if the processed workpiece also needs to enter other subsequent processing stations directly, or needs to be processed in six stations. The robot RS6 developed and produced by HERMLE company can be installed on the left side of the c30u CNC machining center. Through the protective door on the left side of the machine bed, the arm of the robot can directly enter the machining space of the machine tool (Fig. 4). The advantage of this design is that it leaves a movable space the size of the right protective door for the machine operator. KUKA kr16 robot, which weighs about 16KG, can be used together

Figure 3 automatic loading and unloading mechanism HS 30 shortens the time of workpiece clamping. Both C 30U and C 40u CNC machining centers can be equipped with this automatic feeding mechanism

Figure 4. The HERMLE five axis milling machining center C 30 u, which is fed by RS 6 robot, can complete milling and grinding

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