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The Dutch thermoplastic composites center made its debut at JEC exhibition

the thermoplastic composites Center (TPRC) located in the Netherlands will participate in JEC 2012 for the first time. TPRC is an open innovation center, focusing on the development of thermoplastic composites for a variety of markets

the center was founded in 2009 by Boeing, Fokker, tengcarter and Twente University. Since 2011, TPRC has entered a period of accelerated development. New member units and more personnel have joined the center, and a new special laboratory has been set up. Within this center, industrial partners have formed an integrated value chain aimed at accelerating the application of thermoplastic composites

tprc's intellectual property rights are mainly enjoyed by members of the TPRC consortium, but TPRC also has impact strength. Impact strength is a center for popularizing knowledge to the public (such as technical colleges). TPRC is jointly invested by the European Union, the Netherlands' upper essel province and the University of Twente


tprc is open to new members willing to participate in joint research projects. These units can apply to the TPRC consortium council, but there is great uncertainty in the process of technological development and maturity to join the center. TPRC has two levels of members: Level 1 and level 2. The term of members at both levels is 5 years. First level members enjoy full voting rights and I it is by changing the rotational speed of electromechanical P rights, and pay annual fees. Secondary members enjoy limited voting rights and IP rights, but the annual fee paid is reduced

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