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Dutch scientists have developed the world's smallest molecular car

according to the British Daily Mail, recently, Dutch scientists have developed a new kind of mini car, which is only molecular size and can be observed only with a microscope. It can be called the world's smallest car

although it is very small, it has the visual characteristics of the car's 17000kn clamping force. It has four wheels and the car frame structure. People can only observe its existence through a microscope

although it is very small, it has any visual characteristics of a car. It has four wheels and a car frame structure. This mini car can only be driven by millivolt electric pulses. For each 180 degree turn of the wheel, the car must use another kind of vibration energy. Due to its high energy demand and small size, it is not surprising that the first test drive only drove out of 6 nm

James tour built the first nano car without using an engine in 2005. This is the detailed structure diagram of the nano car

although this kind of mini car is very small for human eyes, it is a major breakthrough in the field of nanotechnology. The developer of this mini car said that although it is impossible for people to see its high-speed driving, it will see significant effects in other fields in the next few years

this kind of mini car proves that the molecular structure can drive its own movement with external electronic energy, which is a research of great scientific significance. Ben Feringa, Professor of organic chemistry at Groningen University in the Netherlands, is one of the scientists of the research project, He said: "through this nanotechnology, we can build in the future to deal with trade protectionism and enhance the ability of nano machines. Regular inspections should be carried out; people, nano mechanical devices and transporters. This research has greatly stimulated the development of nano level engines. Many nano systems are built with various substances, but this is the first time that nano engines are used to drive micro devices to move."

this is the first time that Dutch scientists have used micro spherical molecules to build nano scale cars. Professor Alex Zettl of the University of California, Berkeley is the first person to build the world's smallest synthetic engine; James tour built the first nano car without an engine in 2005, but Dutch scientists for the first time combined the two technologies to make the nano device at least look like a car moving

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