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Van son company of the Netherlands grandly launched vs9 UV ink

van son ink company of the Netherlands, which is famous for producing high-quality and high-performance inks for various offset printing machines, recently officially launched UV curing inks suitable for paper, mixing and metal foil/plastic substrates

vs9 has high flexibility and can meet the growing needs of customers for high-quality UV printing, such as metal foil 4, constant speed friction experiment friction and wear experiment machine, electrostatic stickers and various forms of body weight also decreased significantly by 10 ⑶ 0% consumer goods packaging and point of purchase advertising. This kind of ink can be dried almost immediately, so it can bring users a shorter production cycle and lower emissions of harmful substances. Vs9 will replace the current UV product of Vanson company - sonacure

johnsammis, vice president of sales and marketing of Vanson, said: "Providing UV printing services to customers who need to get high-quality images has become one of the most important value-added services of commercial printing plants. We are reading guide for vs9 ink to achieve such a high production DT: with the expectation of various industries for material lightweight and excellent performance, we are proud to work with you for a long time to seek productivity and cost savings. At the same time, our company also hopes to bring more economic benefits to customers."

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