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A brief analysis of the development direction of China's printing industry

the dazzling green printing materials in the world today not only reflect the interest of printing elements in making human life more civilized, more progressive and more harmonious, but also vividly interpret the indissoluble relationship between human life and death and printing. The printing industry is also spreading human knowledge and civilization, improving people's quality of life, promoting the development of industrial technology, and building a millennium long historical interpretation of modern cultural industry. After that, it is moving towards the innovation road of green environmental protection. From the perspective of environmental protection, the author believes that the development direction of China's printing industry can be summarized as follows

first, relying on international standards, leading market development

at the beginning of the new century, environmental protection has become a hot spot of continuous global attention. In the field of printing industry, the rise of IS014001 international environmental management system, the launch of the preparation of national environmental protection printing standards/printing environmental labeling technology in 2009, the legal requirements of the food safety law on packaging and printing, and even the expansion, digital, science and technology, environmental protection Creative interpretation of the future theme of the printing market shows green printing and environmental protection. 6. Effective experimental width: 120mm packaging has become the general trend of the development of the printing industry. In the market environment in which printing buyers are increasingly concerned about the use of environmental protection and public welfare to produce printed materials, printing enterprises can only rely on international standards, actively pay attention to and actively adopt new technologies and processes, especially environmentally friendly materials and inks, in order to win in the competition, obtain greater market share and richer product profits, so as to truly follow the market lead and achieve the goals of user safety, health and environmental protection, Only by improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions, preventing air pollution, water-proof body pollution and noise pollution, can printing enterprises lead the development of green printing market based on the 8 (1) 0-year replacement cycle of railway fastening system

from the perspective of domestic advanced printing enterprises that are at the forefront of environmental protection, the successful development and market expansion of these enterprises are first of all to predict and understand the potential demand of international printing buyers for environmental protection of printing products, and establish exclusive measures to prevent developed countries from establishing technical barriers and trade barriers through environmental protection standards, from product planning, process design Material screening, environmental protection description of products and other aspects of comprehensive response, so as to obtain the initiative in the international and domestic market, high value-added return of products and core competitiveness different from similar enterprises, and also began to lead the development direction of the printing product market, forming a sustainable development trend

second, reduce resource waste and promote enterprise efficiency

in addition to paper, printing enterprises also consume film, printing plate, ink, blanket, fountain solution, washing solution and car washing water and other printing materials. For a medium-sized enterprise, the annual consumption cost can be as high as more than one million yuan. Every reduction of material consumption by one percentage point will not only produce several times the environmental protection effect, but also increase the efficiency of enterprises by more than tens of thousands of yuan. At present, under the new situation of continuous adoption of digital technology and new processes in printing technology, printing enterprises must take advantage of the improvement of national environmental protection awareness and the popularization of environmental protection actions, and adopt the method of combining production, study and research to transform new technologies, methods and processes into the force of improving the production efficiency of printing enterprises, reducing material consumption, and promoting the development of green printing and environmental protection as soon as possible, For example, with the help of printing related research results of experts and research institutions, we can design technical processes, screen appropriate printing materials, simplify operating procedures and reduce the scrap rate. The author has carried out industry university research cooperation with many domestic printing enterprises. The impact of printing production process industry alone cannot be ignored. Only printing enterprises pay attention to reducing resource waste can they promote real efficiency

III. continuous process innovation and improvement of environmental protection value

under the background of the global environmental protection concept increasingly penetrating into the hearts of the people and integrating into the people's trip, as a typical market demand pull and technology development drive, the printing industry only has insight into the specific needs of consumers for green products, complies with the trend of environmental protection of printing products, and adopts advanced environmental protection printing equipment and materials, In order to carry out continuous process innovation in accordance with the goal of environmental protection printing on the accumulated technical system, improve the environmental protection value of printed products, and create conditions for the sustainable development of printing enterprises

the continuous process innovation of printing enterprises must start from four aspects: product demand, equipment technology, material selection and operation specification. In terms of product demand by 2021, printing enterprises must adopt a new vision to find business and opportunities in the international printing market, develop environmentally friendly printing materials suitable for specific industries, compete for government orders and high-end food and pharmaceutical packaging orders, and form a product mechanism to serve high environmental protection enterprises. In terms of equipment technology, printing enterprises can not only timely introduce some new equipment and technologies, such as flexographic printing technology with excellent environmental protection performance, film free self CTP technology, but also enhance the environmental protection function of traditional technology through the transformation and technical improvement of traditional technology, such as offset printing technology from alcohol dampened version to alcohol dampened version, from water printing to water free printing; Post press processing from hot to cold, lamination glazing from volatile adhesives, water-based glue, oily glazing to water-based glazing. In terms of material selection, printing enterprises need to actively pay attention to the trend of environmental protection development of international and domestic printing materials, grasp the development trend, and enhance the environmental protection characteristics of printing products according to the situation, such as selecting paper or composite materials without brightening fluorescent agents on the printing materials, and selecting reusable and environmental friendly materials; The printing ink shall be low harm or harmless water-based ink or soybean ink, the printing plate shall be non washing plate, the fountain solution shall be low alcohol or alcohol free fountain solution, the car washing water and other auxiliary materials shall be low pollution or pollution-free materials, etc. In terms of operation specifications, printing enterprises can establish a set of digital operation system that meets environmental protection requirements, is highly reliable and efficient, establish standardized operation specifications for all printing production links, ensure the realization of various environmental protection goals, and reduce energy consumption, material consumption and manpower consumption through the improvement of operation efficiency and reliability, Improve the environmental protection value of products and the profit value space of products themselves. Therefore, printing enterprises must, through continuous technological innovation, go out of the traditional printing product formula of environmental protection, high price and low profit as a whole, and realize the new goals of high environmental protection, high value and high enterprise profit of printing products

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