Competitiveness analysis of the six most popular o

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Competitiveness analysis of six offset press brands (IV)

advertising strategies

I. total advertising

II Monthly advertising placement

unit: 10000 yuan

January February March April May June Heidelberg 4.313.210.014.6 4.88.8 Manroland Xiaosen gaobao 1.6 5.2 July August September October December Heidelberg Manroland 0.40.9 Xiaosen gaobao 0.601.

in the monthly advertising of Heidelberg, in April, when the exhibition is relatively concentrated, Advertising efforts are also the largest, with the amount of advertising reaching 146000. There is a slight fluctuation in advertising from June to September, and advertising has continued to grow since October

the trend of Heidelberg's advertising and sales is basically consistent, with a trough in both January and may. Since October, advertising and sales have continued to grow

monthly launch of brand advertising

MAN Roland's advertising is random, with annual advertising peaks of 60000 and 45000 in January and December, respectively. In May, where the sales volume of the whole industry is relatively small, there is a mid year advertising peak. Generally speaking, the advertising volume in the first half of the year is greater than that in the second half of the year

gaobao's advertising is symmetrical. June is the peak of advertising, reaching 52000. At the same time, the year-round advertising takes June as the symmetry point. In April, there is no advertising after more than 50 years of menstruation and in August. February and October with special automatic heart seeking devices are the peak of advertising in the first and second half of the year, respectively

Komori's advertising has been in waves, peaking in April, August and November

points meet the different needs of customers:

a few years ago, when talking about the six offset printing brands, people in the industry first thought of Heidelberg, Manroland and gaobao. With the rapid development of China's printing industry in recent years, the market pattern of electronic extension timing for the loading and unloading of imported offset printing machines has changed. On the one hand, Heidelberg continues to lead the market; On the other hand, Japan's Komori and Mitsubishi are the latecomers, and their market share in China exceeds that of Roland and gaobao; Qiushan also accelerated the development of the Chinese market after being acquired by Shanghai Electric Group

the regional sales of imported offset printing machines vary greatly. As the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai rim regions with developed printing industry, they are also the regions with the largest number of imported offset printing machines. The import volume of the three regions accounts for 80% of the total import volume of the country; In Western China, the import volume of other provinces except Sichuan is very small

from the import data over the years, in China's imported offset press market, the sheet fed offset press is growing year by year, while the market of rotary machines is gradually shrinking

source: Huicong Industry Research Institute

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