Compilation and task of safety technical measures

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The compilation and tasks of technical measures for safety in building construction

technical measures for safety in building construction is to enable technicians, management cadres and workers involved in construction tasks to clarify the characteristics of engineering tasks, safety technical requirements, safety production, corresponding safety technical specifications and safety technical labor protection measures. For key projects, special projects, and the four new projects that promote new technologies, new structures, new processes and new materials, detailed technical safety disclosure should be made according to their characteristics, which is the main task of safety technical measures

safety technical measures are a specific assessment content of safety technical management, the specific content of correctly implementing national safety technical regulations and other safety laws and regulations, and the theoretical basis of safety inspection during construction

II. Preparation of safety technical measures for building construction

safety technical measures in construction organization design and construction scheme are prepared by the chief editor respectively. The technical safety measures for individual construction shall be prepared by the technical leader of the unit project

(I) preparation content

1. Safety technical measures for single construction

safety technical measures for single construction are independent. They are safety production guidance documents for the construction of a single project or the four new projects, which can generally be prepared in the following order

(1) overview of single project design requirements, main construction methods and procedures, as well as main construction processes and technical measures of single project. IV. construction procedures and main technical measures of the new project

(2) safety construction requirements specific requirements for the safety of operators, others and surrounding facilities in the process of safety production

(3) specific measures and methods to ensure the above-mentioned safety production in the safety technical scheme. Operation requirements; Specific operation and use methods of mechanical equipment; Specific use requirements and storage safety measures and methods of special materials (such as toxic materials); However, the safety structure calculation and design of temporary construction facilities

(4) organize leadership and division of labor to realize the specific division and division of technical measures for safe construction

2. Safety technical measures for construction organization design and construction scheme

since safety technical measures are an integral part of construction organization design and construction scheme, it is necessary to prepare safety technical scheme and organization leadership division and other main contents in construction organization design and construction scheme

(II) compilation method

the compilation of safety technical measures for construction should achieve the purpose of being practical and truly guiding safety production. I practice has proved that it is effective to adopt the combination of leaders, technicians, safety officers, constructors (chief of the building) and operators (team leader or worker's large) to determine the scheme. Relying solely on the establishment of individuals behind closed doors, we can do half the work in the past, or we can't solve the problems in safety production at all. Through the above-mentioned research and development of safety construction scheme, the safety technical measures specifically prepared by technicians reflect everyone's wisdom. Through useful debate, it is often the best safety construction scheme

strive to be concise and easy to understand in writing. In the technical scheme project, it is better to focus on drawings, which is more concise and convenient for specific disclosure to operators. 3、 Implementation of construction safety technical measures

after the preparation of construction safety technology. It shall be examined and approved level by level before classification and disclosure to operators. Safety technical measures that have not been approved shall not be issued

the safety technical disclosure shall be carried out at the same time as the construction technical disclosure. Its purpose is to make the personnel involved in the construction clear about the technical requirements of construction and production and the key points of safety production, which will also increase the friction resistance, so as to be well aware of it, and at the same time, to strengthen the legal concept of safety production. Safety technical disclosure shall be carried out and managed at different levels. For key projects and key parts with complex technology (including the four new projects), the three basic configurations of the enterprise's general engineering g intelligent tensile testing machine: host computer, microcomputer, and printer currency should be handed over to the chief engineer of the work area, the technical team leader, and the heads of relevant functional departments. Except that the chief engineer of the enterprise is responsible for the safety technical disclosure, the technical disclosure of key projects shall be carried out by the chief engineer of the work area. The technical leader of the construction team is responsible for the detailed disclosure of safety technology at the level of the construction team to the constructors, technicians, safety officers and team leaders. The most basic level of safety technical disclosure is the disclosure work of the technical director of the unit project to the team, which is the key of safety technical disclosure at all levels

Adhere to strict control

when the technical director of the unit project makes disclosure to the team, it is necessary to combine the specific operation parts, implement the instructions of the superior leaders of safety technical measures, and clarify the key points, operations and precautions of safety production in key parts, so as to ensure the implementation of safety production. The key processes, parts, new technologies and other promotion projects should be repeatedly and carefully disclosed to the team

all personnel who receive safety technical disclosure shall sign for future reference

safety technology is a technology studied and applied to control or eliminate dangerous factors in the process of production and labor and prevent personal accidents

in building construction, safety technical measures are a main content of construction organization design. According to national regulations, individual construction safety technical measures must be prepared for the construction organization design (construction scheme) of all construction projects. For the construction of new technologies, new materials, large structures and special dangerous parts, construction safety technical measures should be prepared separately

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