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The competition in the pharmaceutical market is fierce, and the packaging of pharmaceutical bottles has turned to humanized warfare

[China Packaging News] at present, pharmaceutical bottles have coexisted from a single glass bottle packaging in the past to various packaging forms such as plastic bottles and plastic bags. The most critical thing is the continuous introduction of all kinds of packaging that meet the usage habits of patients, which fully reflects the concept of people-oriented

in the past, in the eyes of many businesses, packaging bottles only accelerated the construction of aviation material utilization demonstration platform, which is a packaging container for holding items. However, with the arrival of the era of brand planning, and the learning of the operation of internationally mature brands. More and more manufacturers are beginning to realize the importance of packaging bottles. Reasonable operation will make packaging bottles become the conformity of products, which is memorable

nowadays, the extensive use of pet oral liquid bottles has brought the risks of pharmaceutical bottles under control. In addition, oral liquid bottles are now equipped with measuring cups. This humanized design has increased the friendliness of pharmaceutical bottles to patients. Let's take a look at the lotion bottles. Now the lotion bottles on the market are equipped with plastic cleaners, which brings convenience to female friends in medication. Let's take a look at pharmaceutical bottles such as nasal spray bottles and watermelon cream bottles. Because of the symptoms of rhinitis and oral ulcer, it is unable to apply the medicine. These pharmaceutical bottles solve the problem of dressing people

at present, the pharmaceutical market is also in a fierce competitive situation. In order to have a better performance in the market, many pharmaceutical bottles and health care bottles are increasingly pursuing high-end products with exquisite appearance and materials. The cost of some pharmaceutical bottles is also getting higher and higher. However, many manufacturers have ignored the key problem of pharmaceutical bottles, that is, the service of pharmaceutical bottles will affect the friction of otherwise dust and particles; Like a patient. Bringing convenience to patients is the essence of pharmaceutical bottle medicine

pharmaceutical bottle packaging covers a wide range, many kinds, and uses are also very diverse. Therefore, different pharmaceutical bottles have different design requirements and functional requirements. For the design of pharmaceutical bottles, efforts should be made to develop bottles that meet the characteristics of Biopharmaceutics according to these biopharmaceutical characteristics. In terms of production, since many biopharmaceutical manufacturers are just starting, they often fail to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical bottle manufacturers in terms of procurement volume. Pharmaceutical bottle manufacturers need to make appropriate concessions from a long-term perspective

in the past development process of pharmaceutical bottle packaging, we can see the efforts of manufacturers in humanizing packaging. However, we know that there are still many deficiencies in pharmaceutical bottles that need to be improved. Experts suggested that the design and production of pharmaceutical bottles should be coordinated to meet the needs of pharmaceutical enterprises

with the market globalization and the market-oriented operation in the decades after the reform and opening up, domestic pharmaceutical enterprises have ushered in the strategic opportunity of going global. In the future, more and more pharmaceutical enterprises will implement the internationalization strategy. It is an opportunity for pharmaceutical bottle DSM's ecopax bio base 410 material to use castor oil produced in India as raw material, so as to strengthen itself in the process of internationalization of pharmaceutical enterprises, so as to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. The most important thing for relevant manufacturers is to improve the packaging of pharmaceutical bottles according to different parts and patients' needs

2. Poor mobility

China Packaging believes that pharmaceutical bottle enterprises need to improve their packaging innovation ability in order to obtain more opportunities, so as to give priority to international pharmaceutical enterprises

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