A simple method to determine the solvent used in t

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A simple method to determine the solvent used in gravure printing ink

the quality of solvent directly affects the quality of ink printing. The main indicators to distinguish the quality of solvent are purity and moisture content. The quantitative and qualitative detection of solvent is best to use special instruments such as chromatograph and moisture tester, but the required instruments are expensive and have high technical requirements. Here are several simple auxiliary methods to determine the quality of the solvent

1. Look at the appearance of the solvent. It should be clear and transparent. If there is turbidity and floating matter, this batch of solvent should be used with caution

2. Smell the solvent. After being exposed to the smell of commonly used solvents for a long time, you will have a general impression of the smell of a specific solvent. If the smell of this batch of solvents is found to be impure, it can be confirmed that the purity of this batch of solvents is not high or there are many impurities. In addition, the tendency of solvent residue can also be roughly judged by coating the solvent on the clean plastic film and comparing the odor before and after its basic volatilization

3. Use the principle of different dissolution effects to roughly determine the content of water in the solvent. Use a 100ml glass measuring cylinder to take more than half of the transparent toluene solvent, take a small amount of esters and other solvents to be measured, and pour them evenly into toluene. When toluene was just poured in, After careful observation, Secretary General Zheng Long said, "take the automobile industry as an example, there is no turbidity (milky white) Phenomenon. The following two words are explained. If this phenomenon exists, the water content of the solvent seriously exceeds the standard. Experience shows that this phenomenon is obvious when the water content exceeds 0.5%. The moisture content of benzene solvents can be determined by extracting the solvent through a long glass tube and observing whether there is layering

4. Use a moisture indicator to determine the water content in the solvent. When the moisture indicator is put into the solvent, it will show different colors when the moisture content is different. According to the change of color, the moisture content in the solvent can be roughly determined

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