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A rotary drill invention patent of Shaanxi construction machinery was granted.

a rotary drill invention patent of Shaanxi construction machinery was granted.

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recently, the invention patent of "rotary drill mast dual redundancy control technology" of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was granted a patent by the State Intellectual Property Office

"double redundant control technology of rotary drilling rig mast" is to use dual channel electric power to control the cross handle and dual channel inclination sensor dual redundant channel output, so as to ensure the safety performance of the lifting and landing mast of rotary drilling rig. Through program control during construction, when one output channel fails, it can be automatically or manually switched to another output channel

"double redundancy control technology of rotary drilling mast" invention patent design is applied to sdr280 and sdr220 rotary drilling rigs of Shaanxi construction machinery to improve the safety performance control of the lifting and lowering mast of rotary drilling rigs. The implementation of this scheme not only avoids the danger caused by the failure of electrical components during the rise and fall of the mast; Moreover, once the spotlight group under the stage is carefully screwed up (or down) and fails, the normal construction of the equipment will not be affected in the short term, and the construction efficiency and reliability of the equipment will be greatly increased

Shaanxi construction machinery has been vigorously supporting technological innovation and technological improvement, creating a good environment for employees to actively declare technological achievements. 2: the fixtures equipped with the machine should be coated with anti rust oil for storage; As the hydraulic oil used as the power source needs to be wiped frequently to maintain a clean environment and atmosphere, so as to enhance the company's scientific and technological innovation strength and enhance the company's competitiveness in the industry

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