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Recently, with the rumble of firecrackers, dahekan Town, Nanzheng County successfully attracted 20million yuan of investment, and signed a sole proprietorship agreement with meizhuang Ting Paper Co., Ltd., a joint venture with an initial investment of 55.5 million yuan. Meizhuang Ting Paper Co., Ltd. achieved a real sense of sole proprietorship, opening up Nanzheng County to attract investment. The epidemic alone is the first to order investment enterprises

recently, it has completed the functions of pulling, pressing, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing, friction coefficient, changing, etc. with the rumbling sound of firecrackers, dahekan Town, Nanzheng County has successfully attracted 20million yuan of investment, and signed a sole proprietorship agreement with meizhuang Ting Paper Co., Ltd., so that meizhuang Ting Paper Co., Ltd., a joint venture with an initial investment of 55.5 million yuan, has achieved a real sense of sole proprietorship, opening up a precedent for investment attraction and sole proprietorship in Nanzheng County. The final success of this investment attraction project marks that Nanzheng County has entered a new level in optimizing the investment environment, making great efforts to attract investment and striving to build a strong economic County in the West

in recent years, the Nanzheng County Party committee and government have closely seized the historical opportunity of the national implementation of the western development strategy, Shaanxi's implementation of the construction of a strong western economic province and Hanzhong's "one river and two banks", increased the intensity and pace of opening up and investment attraction, and successively focused on time and comprehensively rectified, governed and improved the investment environment. The county government set up a leading group to improve the investment environment, tamped it down, and coordinated and solved the problems existing in the investment environment in an in-depth and lasting manner. Based on the actual situation of Nanzheng, the county Party committee and government formulated the implementation opinions of the decision on improving the investment environment and further expanding the opening-up, which made it clear that the top leaders of the party and government in all villages and towns are the first people in the construction environment, and where the construction environment has problems, Where the township party and government leaders should take the lead and widely use cable television, radio and other media to publicize and improve the significance and measures of improving the investment environment

the documents related to investment promotion since 1995 have been sorted out in a centralized manner, and the county has been guided to attract investment within the framework of superior preferential policies. The international organization for Standardization (ISO) has carried out a special clean-up of the international standard items of biomedical materials and products, which have been continuously formulated and issued by the international organization for Standardization (ISO), greatly reduced the administrative examination and approval, insisted on Abolishing the administrative examination and approval without the basis of laws and regulations, stipulated that the government departments should disclose the contents and procedures of their work, and provided that the examination and approval materials for foreign-invested projects are complete, It is clearly stipulated that the county must complete various approval procedures within 5 working days. We will seriously investigate and deal with the abuse of power for personal gain and the non-standard service, and resolutely punish the typical problems of "eating, taking, card, demanding, and reporting" that harm investors, law enforcement violations, arbitrary charges, apportionments, and inspections. The public security and judicial departments, in combination with the "strike hard" and the comprehensive management of social security, also actively participate in the renovation of the investment environment, crack down on unreasonable difficulties, obstruction of construction and other illegal acts according to law, effectively deter the disturbance troublemakers, and play a role of escort for the renovation and improvement of the investment environment. In the key construction projects of dahekan water supply project, four villagers were detained administratively according to law, and six troublemakers were summoned and dealt with publicly, with good results. It ensures the smooth progress of the construction project. The improvement of the investment environment has promoted the completion of key projects. Under the very difficult financial situation of the county, the fixed asset investment plan has increased year by year, and new key projects have been started every year. All levels of the county have tried to raise construction funds through various channels and launched a number of key projects. With the improvement of the soft investment environment, it not only saves funds for the project construction, but also promotes the early exertion of the investment benefits after the completion of the project, such as the construction project of the third section of Hanli Road, the reconstruction project of Hannan highway, the telecommunication expansion project from the county to dahekan, the electric transformation and the construction of 35kV substations in Qingshu and Xinji, dahekan gymnasium, Qiaotou square, dahekan water plant, the development of affordable housing in the community A number of key projects, such as ecological environment construction and tourism projects, have been completed and brought into play their benefits, which has improved the hard investment environment to a large extent and provided a prerequisite for further opening-up

in recent years, Nanzheng County has attached great importance to good business opportunities such as the East West investment and trade fair, the Midwest commodity fair, the Hanzhong investment and trade fair, and the Hanzhong investment and trade fair. It has actively organized relevant departments and enterprises to prepare carefully and participate widely, and has compiled a list of investment projects in Nanzheng County. On the one hand, it has broadened its horizons, collected information, and mastered investment trends; On the other hand, expand publicity, make friends, seize the opportunity to seize business opportunities, take advantage of all opportunities to negotiate projects, and do everything possible to sign more contracts. During the year alone, 21 investment projects were signed, with a total investment of 945 million yuan and an introduction amount of 584 million yuan, including 8 signed contract projects, 7 agreement projects and 6 intentional projects, and the contract performance rate reached about 70%. In 2002, the county signed 22 investment projects with a total investment of 779 million yuan and 590 million yuan. Among the 22 signed projects, there are 9 contract projects with a total investment of 305million yuan and 303million yuan, 10 agreement projects with a total investment of 297million yuan and 226million yuan, and 3 intention projects with a total investment of 175million yuan and 60million yuan. Four of the nine contract projects have been started successively, and the project of compound fertilizer production line with an annual output of 150000 tons was completed and put into operation last year; The construction of Hannan Jindi private economic Park and wangjiangyuan community has started as planned, most of the works of hongsihu folk Resort have been completed, all the preliminary work of shale brick project has been completed, and the guihualin animal husbandry comprehensive development project is actively raising funds. In April this year, at the seventh West China business fair, two more projects were settled in Nanzheng and successfully signed. The total estimated investment of the project is 104 million yuan, and the investment is 50.4 million yuan. Among them, the fruit and vegetable products production project jointly constructed by Nanzheng Hongxiang industry and Trade Co., Ltd. and Thailand Zhongyuan International Co., Ltd. has a total investment of 6 million dollars, and the investment is 3.5 million dollars. At present, the project has gone through industrial and commercial registration and business license, Foreign capital introduction approval certificate and other procedures, and the construction can be started after the foreign capital is in place; The Longgang hotel project, which is cooperated by Yiyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Dahua Baojin Electronics Co., Ltd., has a total investment of 56 million yuan and an investment of 22.4 million yuan. The project has completed the basic project approval, submitted for approval, feasibility study and demonstration, and is undergoing preliminary design work

in order to further mobilize cadres at all levels to participate in the torrent of building a strong economic County in the west, and provide a good environment for businessmen to be invited, stay, and take root in Nanzheng to seek development and achievements, the county has successively issued the "incentive measures for investment promotion in Nanzheng County" and "preferential policies for investment promotion in Nanzheng County". For the introduction of wholly-owned projects, the intermediary of the introduced projects will be given a one-time reward after the completion of the project, The incentive fund is 13% of the total amount of local taxes actually paid in the first year of the project, and the funds are paid by the financial branch from the local taxes actually paid in the first year of the enterprise. The free funds other than the national special funds introduced by the construction project are rewarded by 10% of the total amount of the introduced funds, and the funds are paid by the beneficiary. After the introduction of new technologies, new products and new achievements are adopted and create benefits, The beneficiaries have made clear provisions in six aspects, such as giving one-time rewards to the introducers according to 5%-8% of the new benefits of the year, encouraging cadres at all levels to use all social relations to attract funds for projects in Nanzheng, giving preferential preferences to merchants who invest in Nanzheng in terms of land use, children's enrollment, employment, etc., giving green light to merchants who invest in Nanzheng and relieving their worries

in May, 2002, when dahekan town government learned that Hong Kong Hengxin Industrial Development Co., Ltd. wanted to seek partners in the northwest region, it immediately sent competent personnel to Guangdong for investigation, quickly signed a cooperation intention with Hengxin company, and then went to the provincial capital to invite experts. It took only more than ten days to produce the feasibility study report, and sincerely invited the other party to return to Hanzhong. Dahekan town government's strong sense of openness and efficient and pragmatic style deeply moved the investors. The investors resolutely gave up their intention to cooperate with a provincial company, and finally decided to settle in Nanzheng to jointly build meizuotang paper products Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 12000 tons of high-end household paper. The total investment of the project is 75.5 million yuan, including 46.03 million yuan invested by Hong Kong Hengxin company at the price of equipment and 46.03 million yuan invested by Nanzheng Jiangnan paper company at the price of land, plant The investment of "three supplies and one leveling" is 29.47 million yuan, and the products are grade a wrinkled paper, tissue paper and facial tissue paper. After two years of preparation, the civil works of the new main workshop, main workshop and boiler have been completed, with a total investment of 68.12 million yuan. The processing production line has been installed and the maximum width of the commissioning test piece: 95mm has been completed. The main workshop has realized the inching commissioning. In September, Hong Kong businessmen brought in 20million yuan from Hong Kong for the project construction, and it is expected to be officially put into production in mid November. When the project is about to be completed, in order to enhance the stamina of the project development, create a loose environment for Hong Kong businessmen to develop enterprises freely, let Hong Kong give full play to its advantages in capital, technology and talent management, and promote the project to become bigger and stronger. Dahekan town government does not ask for ownership, but for location. It gives 2.7 million yuan of interest to Hong Kong businessmen, which is wholly funded by the Hong Kong side and operates independently. Dahekan town has spared no effort to create a good development environment for it. Recently, dahekan government undertook the demolition and resettlement of seven households located at the door of the company

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