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A self-developed nuclear power technology of Harbin Electric Power Group fills the domestic gap

on May 10, the China Machinery Industry Federation organized and held a review meeting on "Hualong 1 nuclear power unit reactor coolant pump thrust bearing" independently developed by Harbin Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Harbin electric equipment") in Harbin. The expert group composed of 13 experts, including Yu junchong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and Jian Xi, agreed that the new composite bearing is better than the thrust bearing made of Babbitt alloy, Kimquynguyen, general manager of the company with completely independent knowledge industry, said: "We are here to understand the rapidly developing Chinese market right, fill the domestic gap and reach the international leading level. After supplementing the relevant analysis and test verification, it can be popularized and applied in the new unit.

the participating experts inspected the production and test sites, inspected the bearing components after the test, and listened carefully to the development summary report, the friction pair composite material characteristics research report, the Tribology Research Report and the Austrian Ann According to the evaluation report of AAG company, the design, manufacturing, inspection, test and other relevant documents and records of thrust bearings were consulted

the experts attending the meeting believed that the PPESK resin matrix composite new composite thrust bearing developed by Harbin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. with independent intellectual property rights has advanced design methods, reasonable structure, excellent manufacturing technology and material selection, and its performance indicators meet the technical requirements of all working conditions including top oil idling shutdown (SBO condition) specified in the technical conditions. The full-size thrust bearing has passed 375 hours of full flow operation test and 53 starts and stops (including 2 stops without top oil), and the results meet the requirements of the technical specifications and test program; Tong Wenhong said that 2184 hours of high-temperature oil immersion test in the next few years has been carried out on the thrust pad material, and the material performance is stable; At the same time, the 300MW Nuclear power main pump thrust bearing made of the same material and process system and set with 75% and 25% weight respectively has completed 2012 hours of high load operation and 206 times of top oil startup and shutdown tests on the bearing test bench, and all performance indicators meet the technical requirements

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