A simple solution for intelligent image preprocess

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A simple and convenient solution for smart image preprocessing

baomeng is about to launch a new camera: LX visualapplets camera with built-in image preprocessing function will be available today, when necessary. Because the image preprocessing is directly implemented in the FPGA (field programmable gate array) module of the camera, which reduces the amount of data transmitted and processed, the PC based image processing system does not need to run those algorithms that have high requirements for processor capacity, which improves the application performance of escorting your work, reduces the system cost, and benefits customers

the latest LX visualapplets camera adopts the built-in image preprocessing function for specific applications, which can be directly implemented in the FPGA module of the camera, so as to ensure that the image data with high resolution and high frame rate can be processed with high efficiency, and the price performance ratio is very high

the camera provides rich FPGA modules and memory resources to support image preprocessing. FPGA programming is implemented using visualapplets graphical development environment of silicon software company. Even complex algorithms for demanding detection tasks can be quickly and simply implemented according to specific application requirements, and end users can easily complete the five point process knowledge of 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% of the measurement online without rich FPGA programming and general verification. In this way, the straightening device in various extrusion units can be processed efficiently and in real time. It is an essential image data with high resolution and high frame rate, and its cost performance is very high. For many standard image preprocessing tasks, such as image optimization, data compression or processing control, LX visualapplets camera provides various sample applets. Its rich function expansion can realize rapid evaluation and easily meet the needs of specific applications

the latest LX visualapplets camera also has a built-in CMOS global shutter sensor from CMOS company and a compatible GigE vision network interface, so as to ensure fast and convenient system integration, while ensuring high sensitivity and outstanding image quality. This series of cameras can provide resolutions of 4million, 12million and 20million pixels, with a maximum frame rate of 74 FPS

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