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On the afternoon of October 24, the preparatory work meeting for Zhengzhou rural cultural station, Institute Construction and China (Zhengzhou) printing package Expo was held in the conference room on the fifth floor of Zhengzhou municipal government. Lishaobin, vice mayor of Zhengzhou, attended the meeting. He stressed that all exhibitors should actively participate in this India Expo, which is not only the need to promote the development of Zhengzhou's printing and packaging industry, but also a good time to promote Zhoukou and establish its good image

From January 16 to 18, the first China (Zhengzhou) printing and packaging products Expo hosted by Henan provincial government will be held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The India Expo is a national professional printing exhibition. This exhibition will focus on printing and packaging products, and fully show the outstanding achievements of China's printing and packaging industry in technological reform and process innovation in recent years. At present, the preparatory work for Zhengzhou to participate in this India Expo is progressing smoothly, with 30 exhibitors including Dancheng Caixin Printing Co., Ltd. and Henan Long'an Printing Co., Ltd

in order to ensure the success of this India Expo, lishaobin required that the activity units should actively mobilize their participation and all exhibitors should attach great importance to it. This is not only an opportunity to publicize Zhoukou and establish a good image of Zhoukou, but also an opportunity for all exhibitors to explore printing and packaging technology and spread their own printing and packaging technology

with regard to the construction of rural cultural stations and institutes in Zhengzhou, lishaobin said that the Municipal Bureau of culture should give classified guidance to the unbalanced construction and development of rural cultural stations and institutes, and strengthen supervision to counties and urban areas with a wait-and-see attitude; For the cultural stations and institutes that have been built, we should carry out activities that are healthy and beneficial to the physical and mental health of the experimental failure caused by the falling off of the reinforcing film, so that it can play its due role, and at the same time, we should cultivate a number of cultural backbones

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