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Active anti electric shock function of child safety socket

the modern management system of most state-owned enterprises is not yet perfect. Even if a finger is inserted into the socket, it will not have the active anti electric shock function of electric shock

the problem of children's electricity safety is not only a family problem, but also a social problem. People of all walks of life and parents worry about it and do their best. This product changes the working principle and internal structure of the traditional socket from a new angle, and realizes the function of active anti electric shock

in order to prevent children from inserting metal objects into an energized socket out of curiosity or ignorance, this product can ensure that each socket is not powered before it is plugged into the electrical plug. It can intelligently identify whether the insert is an electrical plug. Only when l The jack will be powered on only when the N poles are inserted at the same time (there is no limit for the two clamps to separate and stretch the sample lw410l-16-slpg2 at a constant speed), so inserting either pole alone will not cause electric shock. At present, the power converters or power sockets sold in the market generally only play the role of connecting electrical appliances with power supply, and do not have any protective effect on the safety of human body, especially on the lives of intelligent and curious children. The sockets equipped with mechanical protective doors also hope to achieve the purpose of preventing electric shock. However, in terms of their current technical solutions, there are four major problems:

1, Once the protective door is damaged, the anti electric shock function will fail

second, the metal wire with small diameter can be easily inserted without opening the protective door, which will also cause electric shock

third, it is easy to arouse children's curiosity and use the socket as a toy, so the mechanical protective door can not only prevent electric shock, but also cause electric shock accidents

IV. the folding plug is not easy to insert and feels bad

another well-known technical solution to solve the problem of electric shock in the market at present is the socket with leakage protection device. Its idea is a process contrary to the principle of this product. This technical solution is to solve the problem of how to prevent electric shock through the stretching, peeling, tearing, heat sealing and other testing experiments of woven bags and other products in advance, The leakage protection is to solve the problem of how to deal with an electric shock by means of afterwards remedy

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