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On november4,2008, the annual Shanghai Industrial Expo opened in Pudong New International Convention and Exhibition Center. As one of the most attractive professional exhibitions in the automation field in China and even Asia. IAS provides an ideal business platform for peers in the industry to meet, gather and flow, and an effective way for enterprises to improve brand awareness, enter the Asian market and meet new and old customers. Suzhou Chuangjie Industrial Control Technology Co., Ltd. also came to the exhibition site this year

Jiangsu chuangjie booth

chuangjie company is a private high-tech enterprise specializing in product development, sales, integration and service in the field of automation and informatization

Zoje product exhibition

at this exhibition, Zoje also brought the company's PROFIBUS bridge and remote IO to add color to this exhibition. According to the staff of chuangjie, the PROFIBUS-DP bus bridge brought this time is the standard communication conversion interface module between Profibus-DP Field Bus and other communication equipment, which can connect the communication interface to rs232/rs485 Field devices with Modbus protocol and other communication protocols (such as intelligent instruments, man-machine interface, frequency converter, PLC, soft starter, etc.) are connected to Profibus-DP Field bus as slave stations. At the same time, chuangjie can also customize special products according to customers' equipment agreements or special hardware requirements

bus system

as another main product of the company, the remote IO is a field distributed IO module based on PROFIBUS-DP. As a slave of PROFIBUS field bus network, it carries out high-speed information transmission with PROFIBUS master station, and realizes the control of field equipment locally and in real time; It can also be used as the IO expansion module of the master station PLC, greatly reducing the system cost. There are many kinds of body modules and expansion modules. The digital quantity module, analog quantity module and temperature module with multiple points can be selected by users

about chuangjie

chuangjie company, founded in 1991, is a private high-tech enterprise specializing in product development, sales, integration and service in the field of automation and information technology. Over the years, chuangjie has been constantly striving for self-improvement, aiming high and constantly expanding. The company always regards talents and advanced system as the greatest wealth of the enterprise, constantly reshapes the enterprise and always maintains vigorous activities. The general-purpose profchinaplas2018 independently developed by our company will be moved to the IBus fieldbus bridge module, remote i/o, variable-frequency energy-saving cabinet of injection molding machine, single split variable-frequency control system of textile winder, variable-frequency braking unit, variable-frequency pneumatic fire-fighting (domestic) water supply equipment, wd2000 textile yarn bleaching and dyeing integrated control system in the national Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), and other products will be highly praised by users. At the same time, we also provide customers with comprehensive automation system integration solutions. The industry covers textile, metallurgy, power plant, sewage treatment, water supply, mechanical processing, pharmaceutical, plastics, building materials and other fields

the company is an advanced automatic product agent or system integrator of famous brands such as Mitsubishi, Emerson, Siemens and ab. The company has set up a product R & D and technical service center with more than 50 people, which is specialized in the development of Fieldbus products. At the same time, it provides customers with comprehensive solutions, technical consulting and after-sales service of various automation systems. With strong software development force, the company can undertake various automation projects and provide strong technical support. Guarantee customer satisfaction with the best products and after-sales service

nowadays, chuangjie has a kind of material that can make the explosive power of 1kg explosive invisible. The company has more than 100 employees, both of which are related to the effectiveness of experiments, and its annual technology, industry and trade revenue has exceeded 100 million yuan. It has successively set up branches in Wuxi, Changzhou, Jinan, Changshu, Kunshan, Zhangjiagang, Yancheng and other places to provide customers with convenient and excellent services

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