Knock, test, scrape, see 4 moves to select tiles

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Want to choose good and cheap tiles? Although you are not professional, you can also know the quality of ceramic tiles through some simple skills

do you want to choose good and cheap tiles? Although you are not professional, you can also know the quality of ceramic tiles through some simple skills

Hengfu ceramic Mona Lisa ceramic tile consumers may know little about ceramic tiles when buying them. How to buy them? What problems should they pay attention to when buying ceramic tiles? Here are some ways to choose tiles


hearing density. There are many standards to distinguish the quality of ceramic tiles, which can be knocked. The clearer the sound, the higher the degree of porcelain and the better the quality. You can also clip a corner of the tile with the thumb, index finger and middle finger of your left hand, hang it easily, and tap the middle and lower part of the tile with the index finger of your right hand. The person with a clear and pleasant voice is the top grade, and the person with a dull and muddy voice is the bottom grade


to see the water absorption of ceramic tiles. The lower the water absorption of the ceramic tile, the higher the internal stability of the ceramic tile. It is also more suitable for the space with wet water or high moisture content, and will not produce black spots and other problems. The common method to test the water absorption of ceramic tiles is to pour water on the back of the tiles. The tiles with slow penetration or even no water penetration are of good quality, and vice versa


look at the quality from the trace. Check the surface quality of the ceramic tile. Scrape the glaze of the ceramic tile with a hard object. If there is a trace, it indicates that the quality is poor


observe the color and flatness. The clearer the color of the ceramic tile, the better. Check whether there are pinholes with the naked eye. The pinholes are easy to accumulate dirt. Finally, observe the flatness of the ceramic tile. The side is straight, easy to pave, and the effect is good. In home decoration, if you want to save tiles and reduce the cost, it is recommended to consider the following points:

1,) find a designer, choose the appropriate specifications, and draw a brick layout. Calculate the number of tiles according to the drawing, plus normal construction losses

2.) select right “ Match the decors &rdquo& ldquo; Match pattern ” Varieties with low requirements, so that the cut half (or edge strip) can be used in other places

3.) adjust the plane and elevation design to avoid covering the riser and small corner, which must be cut, easy to be damaged and waste tiles

4.) skillfully use the waist line, the mosaic color of face bricks of other specifications, the edge line of the ground circle, the vertical decorative line, the mirror size of the bathroom wall and other aspects of design, so as to enrich the effect and avoid or reduce brick cutting at the same time

5.) master home decoration “ Small bricks are saved, and large bricks are consumed ” principle. Combined with the design effect, reasonably select the smaller specification

6.) select high-quality tiles and highly skilled workers to reduce unnecessary losses during construction and cutting. Although the unit price is slightly higher, it can be saved in a comprehensive way

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