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As one of the most ordinary furniture in daily life, the cabinet should have the following advantages

benoken water purifier Fuyou cabinet

first, as one of the most ordinary furniture in daily life, the cabinet should have the following advantages:

environmental protection, wear resistance, scratch resistance, easy cleaning, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and beauty

second, from the design point of view,

the cabinet layout structure should pay attention to the combination of the following four areas

storage area + washing area + cutting area + operating cooking area

1. The storage area can be roughly divided into: refrigerator, drawer and non functional cabinet

2. The washing area is also the operation area of the sink

3. The cutting area is generally located between the water tank and the stove, and the middle area is the cutting area

4. Operating cooking area: that is, the large piece of gas stove

generally, attention should be paid to the connection space between each area (new operation space will appear here, such as the area for serving vegetables, the area for storing unprocessed vegetables, etc.), the size of the space and the humanization of the operation area

III. specific material selection

according to personal preferences and family theme decoration style. Match the overall color of the cabinet, choose highlights and mattes, etc

door panels with the highest cost performance ratio: fireproof panels

door panels with low cost performance ratio: paint baking panels

door panels with economic price: double decorative panels

expensive door panels: solid wood, pet (i.e. porcelain, i.e. glare panels)

IV. details needing attention

1 Backboard, that is, the board of the cabinet against the wall

2. Edge banding strip, the edge banding part around the plate

3. Door damping, which plays a buffer role, affects the service life of the cabinet

4. The effective volume of the drawer is the extension space of the drawer

5. Hinge, that is, the hinge of the cabinet door

6 Skirting board, this should be needless to say




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