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Facing the coming winter, heating has become a matter of concern. As the mainstream product of the new heating method, Ruima wall mounted stove is being popular with consumers

facing the cold winter coming gradually, heating has become a matter of concern. The gas wall mounted boiler can supply heating and hot water at the same time. The heating time can be set freely and can be turned on at any time. The temperature of each room can be adjusted freely within a certain range. It is convenient to use, and has the incomparable autonomy and comfort of central heating. As the mainstream product of the new heating method, Ruima wall mounted stove is being popular with consumers

Rima will analyze the advantages of wall mounted furnace heating for you

advantage 1: energy saving, environmental protection and cost saving

households using wall mounted boilers avoid the problems of difficult adjustment and energy waste in collective heating. The heating temperature can be flexibly adjusted according to needs. Some gas wall mounted boilers can be connected to radiators and floor heating systems, saving 20% energy than most heating methods. When there is no one at home, the indoor temperature setting can be reduced or turned off, so as to save unnecessary heat loss

advantage 2: convenient and flexible operation

the wall mounted boiler heating is a radiation heat dissipation method, and its hot spots are all over the room. The user can flexibly adjust the temperature of the wall mounted furnace and realize the temperature control in different zones, so that the user can freely set the room temperature and start-up and stop time

after closing the wall mounted boiler, the room will remain warm for a long time

advantage 3: heating comfort

the circulating heat of the wall mounted boiler gas heating system adopts a bottom-up method, which brings a warm feeling from foot to head. It is not as dry as water heating. Some brands also provide wall mounted stoves with physiotherapy functions, which conduct heat through far-infrared rays, and no matter how long you stay indoors, you will not feel dizzy or dry

in the changeable market challenges, Ruima has always responded to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, development of low-carbon economy and protection of the ecological environment, adapted to market trends, optimized equipment performance, turned challenges into opportunities, pushed through the old and brought forth the new, and provided consumers with the most satisfactory products




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